Thursday, September 21, 2017

Nail Hoot; Flakie Feathered Friends, Haunted Mansion & Matte Talons Topcoat

Good evening dears!  I've been playing hooky with my kids after school sports schedule the last few days and it's been exquisite to just sit around and do things at home.  We actually all rode our bikes around the neighborhood together and have been hanging out in the backyard.  So we are feeling happy right now.  I'm also relishing in the cooler weather.  I've been able to bust out my booties, wearing jeans and Mr. Rogers cardigans over outfits.  I'm also enjoying a wine cooler, so yeah...HAPPY!  While I'm waiting for my hubby to make me a pizza in our new pizza oven I'm going to share this brand new Nail Hoot collection with you.  The Flakie Feathered Friends is a fun collection of jelly polishes full of shimmer and flakies!  You can pick up the Flakie Feathered Friends tomorrow, 9/22 at 7pm Central.  This collection will be available individually, in sets and mini sets!  You will also be able to purchase the Haunted Mansion and Matte Talons topcoat.  So let's jump and in see the polish!

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I'm starting with Warbler Like You Mean It.  This is a golden yellow full of shimmer and color shifting flakes.  Super pretty!  This is pretty sheer though so if you are a total VNL hater you will want to layer it over a matching or white base.  Otherwise, no issues with formula or application.  3 coats plus topcoat.

Free As A Tanager is an orange jelly with shimmer and shifty flakes.  This shade of orange is so juicy and pretty!  It covered a little more than the last one, but you can still see a little of my nail line.  Again, if it bugs you then start with a base shade and layer it.  Nothing to mention about the formula or application, all was well.  3 coats plus topcoat.  

Rosefinch in the Garden is a lovely coral-red shade with loads of shimmer and flakes.  This shade had a bit more beef to it so you can see less of my nail line than with Warbler.  I like the vibrancy of this one and the flakes seem to pop nicely.  Good formula and application, no complaints.  3 coats plus topcoat.  

Turaco Me Crazy is seriously a gorgeous green.  I am LOVING this shade.  Perfect for the Fall with all the pops of copper, gold and red.  The finish is the same as the rest of the collection, flakies and shimmer.  My nail line was pretty visible here but it honestly doesn't bother me with such a gorgeous color.  I used 3 coats and topcoat.  

Sing Like A Bluebird is a denim blue full of all that good stuff, shimmers and flakes.  This shades so pretty and I know I'm gonna rock it because denim is my jam in the Fall.  It literally goes with everything.  Formula and application were the same as all the others, great, no complaints, just sheer. I used 3 layers and topcoat.  

And the last polish in the collection is Merry Magpie.  This is a full coverage purple jelly with shimmer and flakies.  Great formula and application, no issues to report.  I used 3 layers and topcoat.  

Ok, so this is Haunted Mansion.  Well hello lover.  This is a dusky purple holo full of sparkly holo glitters, iridescent glitters and blue glitters.  Perfect shade for Halloween!  Great formula and application.  I used 3 coats for full coverage and finished with topcoat.  I will mention that some of the glitters gave that textured appearance, but for the most part they were smooth.   


And finally we have Matte Talons Topcoat.  This is a matte topcoat and I thought I'd show it over several cremes to give you an idea of how it looks!  So here it is over some of the Zoya Sophisticates cremes.  Don't them make a yummy matte, Fall skittle?  I think this is a really nice, soft matte finish.  Definitely going to be using this a lot during the Fall.  

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