Saturday, April 21, 2018

Stella Chroma: My Nail Polish Obsession LE Prickly Pair Duo; Let's Hug & Prickly Pear Sugar Scrub

Morning and happy Saturday!  I'm here to share my blogiversary/birthday custom with you!  I recently made a trip to Sedona, Arizona and was in love with the gorgeous scenery, specifically the beautiful cacti!  So I contacted Stella Chroma to see if she could make me a fabulous duo that was inspired by my trip.  Welp, Pam is a dream maker, folks!  She gave me exactly what I wanted!  So tonight I have a beautiful polish for you, Let's Hug (because isn't that what we all want to do to an adorable cactus?) and Prickly Pear Emulsified Sugar Scrub.  The set is the Prickly Pair and you can pick it up for $15 starting today (4/21), MY BIRTHDAY!  YAY!  Actually this is a belated 6-year Blogivearsary!  Dang, I've been blogging nail polish (and more recently beauty products) for SIX years now!  So let's jump in and check out my customs!

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The Prickly Pair comes with a smaller sized scrub
I'm so excited to share Let's Hug with you.  It's a beautiful pale green crelly full of fold flakes, red shimmer and a touch of iridescent shimmer.  Perfectly captures a pretty pale desert cacti with the prickly pears growing on it.  Let me say that the red shimmer was hard to capture so it's not really visible in my photos, but trust me, it's there.  Formula is lovey, I built it up well in 3 thin coats.  I still have just a touch of visible nail line but that's expected with a pastel crelly.  Application was great.  Again, I used 3 thin coats and finished with topcoat for a perfectly shiny finish.  



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Prickly Pear Emulsified Sugar Scrub is amazing!  You guys know I always rave about Stella Chroma scrubs.  They have the BEST consistency and leave my skin feeling soft and clean.  Prickly Pear smells fresh, like plants.  I have a few other "cactus" body products and they smell much the same.  So I suppose this is what cactus smell like?  Anyways, it's so clean and fabulous.  Nothing like the prickly pear margarita sent that is overly sweet and sugary.  The scent is light, but does linger on my skin for a good while after using it, though it's even lighter on my skin.  This will be available in the smaller, 5oz container.  

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