Thursday, April 5, 2018

6 Harts April Polish Pick Up Exclusive: Heart of the Milky Way

Good morning!  We're only 1 day away from the April Polish Pickup.  If you haven't heard yet it's Across the Universe themed so all things space and the final frontier are fair game.  I've shared so many beautiful polishes with you already and have 1 more up my sleeve.  6 Harts has a very unique shade for this theme, while others went dark she went for a soft neutral that is absolutely perfect for the Spring season.  You'll be able to pick up Heart of the Milky Way from 4/6 - 4/9 for $10 and there is no cap on this one.  

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Heart of the Milky Way was inspired by an image of the milky way taken by the Hubble Telescope.  It's a dusty pink creme with gold micro flakes, copper shimmer and holo sparkles.  I feel like Courtney took a totally fresh take on the universe theme with this neutral pink.  It's both easy to wear and beautiful.  Formula and application were both great, no issues with either.  I used 3 thin coats and finished with topcoat.

Totally color inaccurate but you can see the gold flakes and shimmer.  

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