Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Beauty Review: KBShimmer Cuticle Cream & Body Lotion

Morning from Maui again!  I know, I'm a jerk, sorry!  I won't rub it in anymore.  But I'll tell ya what you can rub in...these lotions from KBShimmer.  Headsmack, sorry for the totally cheeseball into.  Ok, so a you know KBShimmer recently did a huge rebranding.  Formulas, scents, packaging, logo, the whole shebang.  I have a review of a few old made new products to share with you today.  The Picture Perfect Cuticle Cream is a perfect little hard worker to moisturize your cuticles.  It's available in 7 scents and will cost ya $4.50.  The Body Lotion is a thick and creamy lotion that keeps you from looking dried out at any point in the day.  7 scents available for $10 each.  Let's jump in so I can tell you more about these awesome products.  

*press sample*

Picture Perfect Cuticle Cream is a fabulous concoction.  It's a matte cuticle cream that is uber moisturizing.  It's packed full of jojoba oil, cocoa butter, shea butter and olive oil.  And I mentioned it's matte?  Well that makes it perfect for swatching and pictures, no shiny/wet fingers here!  I never find it greasy, just all kinds of hydrating.  It comes in a 15ml bottle that is small enough to add to your keychain or toss in any purse or bag.  

I have the Just Beachy scent, one of the new scents KBShimmer debuted when the relaunch went live.  It's a fresh and fun scent that has notes of sweet watermelon, cantaloupe, sugarcane, lilies, orchids and salty beach air.  Kind of perfect for my current situation.  

The Body Lotion is another total winner in my book.  The first thing I should mention is that Christy adjusted her lotion formula and it's now vegan.  This one is loaded with jojoba oil, cocoa butter, shea butter and olive oil.  It's a very creamy, very thick lotion that keeps skin supple but not greasy.  It absorbs pretty quickly too.

I have the Tide Me Over scent, another very beachy vibe and I've really been enjoying it.  It smells like coconut, shea butter, sandalwood and sea salt.  You can bet I brought this along with me to the island too!  

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