Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Cheeky Physique: Matcha Eye Cream

Hi friends!  January has not been a nice month to me.  I'm ready to move on to February and all that I'm planning to accomplish.  For one thing I am going to try meal planning.  I know it's going to be a lot to tackle on already busy Sundays but I have to stop this convenience eating.  I also need to curb my sweet tooth!  I NEED to re-motivate myself to running.  So I'm already signed up for 2 races in the near future.  I also need to get back to loving blogging.  Or get behind the decision to switch to Instagram swatches only.  Do any of my friendly and supportive readers have an opinion on that?  Do you think blogs have died out and Instagram pics are the way to go?  

While we mull over those questions let's just get in a post.  This is the Cheeky Physique Matcha Eye Rescue.  I have been using it religiously, most times twice a day for almost 2 solid months. You can purchase Cheeky Physique products on Amazon or their own website.  The Matcha Eye Rescue is $36 and you get free shipping when you spend $50.  Read on for my thoughts and review on this eye cream.

*product provided by Cheeky Physique*

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Matcha Eye Rescue is a lightweight and hydrating eye cream.  It uses green tea, squalane, peptides and probiotics.  The caffeine and antioxidants in the formula help to reduce puffiness, dark circles and fine lines.  As I mentioned above, I have been using this eye cream for almost 2 solid months.  I like the smooth, silky formula.  It goes on nicely, and really makes my under eye area feel smooth and a bit more plumped up.  The plumping totally helps reduce my fine lines.  But I don't think it helped much with dark circles - especially as of lately since I haven't been sleeping well with a sick 1 year old.  I definitely need to rely on my concealer after using the Matcha Eye Rescue.  But that doesn't discredit how nice the cream feels under my eyes.  It's a fantastic primer for makeup!

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  1. I love matcha as a drink, but I haven’t really considered it for skin care! I always need a hydrating when cream for my dry eyes.

  2. Green tea is supposed to be really good for depuffing undereye area. Great find!

  3. This is a great eye cream. I like the hydration of it and agree that dark circles aren't its priority. The ingredients in this are different than my other eye creams and my skin appreciates that.

  4. This sounds nice! Also totally sympathize with all things said at the start! As for my opinion on swatches. I've been having a time with this as well. Really though I always view my blog as my home, and easier to pic from and so on so I feel like swatches should be on a blog, and maybe a few here and there on Instagram. Ha, thats just my take, I just feel like Swatches and IG don't get along anymore.

  5. That’s nice that it works so well under makeup - good to know!

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