Thursday, January 16, 2020

KBShimmer; White Here White Now & Total Eclipse

Morning dears!  Back with a really short post for you.  Right before Christmas KBShimmer launched some staples that everyone needs in their nail polish arsenal.  A set gorgeous, creamy shades - black and white.  These have a fantastic formula and look awesome on the nails.  You can use them just to paint, for art or stamping.  Throw on some matte topcoat for a different look!  White Here White Now and Total Eclipse are both available now for $10 each.  Both shades have the new fan brush, which I find to be fabulously easy to use. Let's check them out.

*press sample*

Let's start this party off with Total Eclipse.  It's a true black creme that give you full coverage in 1 - 2 coats.  I used 2 just to makes sure I didn't have any sparse areas.  Formula was wonderfully creamy and opaque.  I did not use topcoat so you could see how it looks on it's own.  Not uber shiny but also not dull.  It is recommended to use topcoat for a glassy finish.

White Here White Now is a crisp, clean, bright white creme.  This is the one I was really impressed with.  It had great formula and application and self leveled in 2 coats.  You all know how finicky white polish can be! I didn't use any topcoat so you can see the true finish.  Again, not totally glossy but not dull either.  

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