Wednesday, January 29, 2020

The Makers Dozen, January 2020: Alter Ego - Child Idol

Good morning friends!  Can you believe I have 2 posts 2 days in a row!  Who am I?? This one will be a quickie so you definitely have time for it before running out the door to get to work or start your errands!  First, I must share the news that Makers Dozen will be no more.  January is their last month.  If you do want a bottle of Child Idol by Alter Ego you should swing by her shop to pick one up.  I perused her site last night and noticed there was no listing, but after conferring with another blogger it seems it was never offered this month so I'm guessing that since Cynthia is on a vacation she will list it when she returns. The January theme was Celebrity and Cynthia went with Smurfs.  You can pick up Child Idol for $10 and can save 20% using my code My Nail Polish Obsession!  Let' jump in!

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Makers Dozen: Facebook Group

Child Idol is a Smurf blue jelly!  Cynthia really captured the color of Smurfs perfectly here!  Though I will admit I'm scratching my head over how they fit in the celebrity theme?  Anyways, the jelly is uber squishy and shiny!  I used 3 thin coats and love how it looks!  Of course VNL is to be expected with a polish of this finish.  I had no issues with formula or application and was very pleased with how shiny it was all on it's own!  I did not use any topcoat.    

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  1. I love jellies, and that one is definitely Smurf blue, as you said. How come you didn’t use a topcoat? Just curious: time constraint? or something related to the polish?

  2. Smurfs come alive. Pretty color. Luckily AE often participates in Polish Pickup so it's not the end of seeing their great polishes.

  3. This is a lovely blue. I've been wearing blue nail polish since it's the pantone this year

  4. Jellies are my favorite. This blue is so fun, I love that it has such a great shine and you didn't have to wear a top coat with it.

  5. Ok I could have so much fun with this!

  6. I'm a big fan of jellies, especially with layering with other shades to create nail art. I'm really loving this hue!

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