Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Annalicious + Unicorn Sharts (lol)

I feel like I don't give my Cult Nails enough love.  I have so many that are untried!  The colors are vibrant, the glitters are fun, the collections are well thought out, the formula is always great.  Annalicious comes from Coco's Untamed Collection.  It is a gorgeous reddish-orangeish base with glowing red-orange-gold shimmer.  

Annalicious went on so smoothly!  It was perfect coverage in 2 coats.  I still had a lightly visible nail line - 3 coats probably would have made it dissapear.  But if not I still love the color.  It's like the red cousin of China Glaze Riveting.  I'm pretty sure these glowing polishes are some of my favorites.  

I was sent a funny little bottle of glitter polish from my friend Gina.  It's just a little something she threw together for fun - and she decided to name all her mini's "starts."   So this one is Unicorn Sharts.  Funny name, no?  US is silver holo hexs with a rainbow of other glitter hexs: yellow, red, green, blue - you get the idea.  There is also a micro glitter in the mini bottle of fun.  I used US on my accent nails and I thought it was a flashy addition.  Lots of glitter came out of the bottle with each dip and spread easily.  No clumping, no problems with application.  Not even that hard to remove.  I used 2 coats of US.  I slathered a layer of Gelous on top and then my usual topcoat.  Smooth, shiny, sparkly!  

isn't this a cute bottle…hand drawn picture too!  I feel so special!
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