Thursday, September 6, 2012

German-icure + Pegasus J*zz (yuck)

Honestly!  I've seem some pretty crazy names for polish lately!  They literally make you go ewwwww (Pegasus Jizz, Unicorn Sharts, Pegasus Poop, etc…).  Notice the mythical creature trend?  They are pretty funny no matter how yucky.  But to stay pc from here on out I will refer to Pegasus Jizz as PJ (much like I abbreviate all the polishes I talk about).

German-icure by OPI is a stunnining reddish-brown color shimmer that just release with the Germany collection.  This color SCREAMS fall to me and I was so excited to bring it home!  It reminds me of changing leaves, hot mulled cider, cinnamon know all the good Fall stuff that we all love. GBO went on super sheer with the first coat, almost watery.  The second coat brought it up to perfection!  

I wanted to up the ante and put 1 coat of Sassy Lacquer PJ on top of GBO.  I was so happy with the way it turned out, simply gorgeous.  I was in awe of my own nails!!  PJ is a color changing shimmer top coat.  It flashes red, green, teal and gold depending on the lighting.  Over GBO it mostly showed off the red and green.  I suppose that if I layered it over a blue or purple the teal would be prominent.  Not sure how to get the gold to show more though.  I used 1 layer of topcoat and it was a color changing, shiny, glossy victory in my book.

You can get Sassy Lacquer PJ (amonsgst others) at the Sassy Lacquer store.  And I'm sure you know where to get OPI.  

sorry for the bad indoors pic, I wanted to show German-icure with and without PJ.  Left = without, Right = with.

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