Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Hello Kitty Nails

My baby girl celebrated her first birthday last weekend.  It was a Hello Kitty themed party so of course I had to do Hello Kitty nails to complete my outfit (which basically was a hot pink HK tshirt).  You know I am not huge into nail art so this was my take on the theme.  Thankfully I had HK nail decals to make life easier.  I was up until 3 am the night before the party preparing everything.  I can't imagine how much longer I would have been awake trying to draw a HK face or bow.  Jeesh…I don't know how some of you ladies do it - I'm looking at you Jackie from Adventures in Acetone - seriously!  Look at her post with a hand drawn Ariel!  Jealous over here!

Anyhoodle…here is my easy way of doing a theme!  I used 2 coats of Zoya Rory.  Rory came out with the Summer Surf Collection and it's a really beautiful pink.  I have used it before in a Zoya combo mani here, but I liked it even more as a full mani on it's own.  It's a light pink foil-esque finish.  There is a slight undertone of purple to me…maybe mauve or fuschia?  I can't pinpoint it, but there is definitley a purple tone to the pink.  Rory was almost a one coater, but I held my hand up and could see the light shining through my tips.  That bugs me so I did a second coat!  The formula was perfection.  I love everything about Rory. But I do remember it being a tad stain-y.  Oh well. 

I topped Rory with 2 coats of Elevation Polish Daisen.  Daisen was just released with the store opening this month.  Shut the front door….Daisen is gorgeous!  It's a light pink-clear base with the most amazing round glitters I have ever seen.  When have you seen circle glitters…EVER??  I know I haven't and Elevation has a couple of polishes with these great glitters!   Daisen is full of small and large round glitters in light pink, dark pink and copper.  There is also an irridescent micro-glitter to give it that extra bling effect.  It's gorgeous.  I used 2 coats and had zero issues with getting a good assortment of glitter out of the bottle. The glitter lay very smooth and flush with my nails.  

I used a coat of gelous to smooth everything out (it didn't need it, it's just starting to be habit when I use glitter) then placed a HK nail decal on my ring fingers.  Topped it all off with a layer of topcoat.  Done!  What do you think??  Have you used nail decals before?  

You can get Zoya from their website and some beauty supply stores.  You can get Elevation Polish from the Big Cartel store and keep up to date by following their blog, I Dig Brown Nail Polish.  

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  1. I love this mani!! And Daisen is GORG! LOVE LOVE LOVE. thanks for the shout out, I definitely don't do nails like my Ariel post that often, and especially not after prepping until the wee hours of morning for a party like you were! I love the decal!