Thursday, October 25, 2012

Unicorn Sharts

Why do I think Halloween has to be all doom & gloom, dark colors?  Maybe I just like the vampiness that goes hand in hand with Halloween?  There are also fairies, princesses, unicorns, mermaids, clowns,   etc., etc.  Well I've been unfair to the happy colors in the rainbow and I will make ammends to that now.  

Unicorn Sharts is another fantastic little glitter bomb created by Red Dog Designs.  Mind you this was the first round for swap packages.  Gina will now offer Unicorn Sharts in a large sized bottle and it will be called Unicorn Kisses - so pretty!  I will continue to refer to it as US (or Unicorn Sharts in this post though).  I wanted to show US over a few colors so you could see that it's a sparkly, versatile glitter topper that's fun to wear over pretty much anything! I had no application problems.  A ton of glitter came out with each brush dip, no fishing necessary.  The glitter lay flat and smoothed out well with a layer of Gelous.  Unicorn Sharts is a clear base coat with silver holo, red, pink, yellow, blue and green hexs.  There is also a lovely holo micro-glitter, not too overwhelming, just enough to look like a sprinkling of pixie dust.  I used 2 coats of Unicorn Sharts on each nail.

I layered Unicorn Sharts over the foloowing colors.  Index - 2 coats Zoya Areej.  MIddle - 2 coats OPI Funky Dunky.  Ring - 2 coats andreia 121.  Pinky - 2 coats Essie Pretty Edgy.  A coat of Gelous then a layer of topcoat and I had smooth, shiny, sparkly nails!  Perfect for the whimsical themed Halloween lovers!

You can purchase Unicorn Kisses (formerly know as Unicorn Sharts) from the Red Dog Designs store.  Keep up to date with Gina's new releases on her facebook page!

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  1. Soooooo cute! Loved it.

  2. This is super cute! I have been doing so many dark, gloomy manis for Halloween also -- can't wait to get back to all that girly, pink, rainbowy goodness!

  3. aw so cute xD i love this kind of colors <3

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