Monday, October 1, 2012

Y'All Come Back Ya Hear + Cauldron Drippings

It's Lynn-sanity up in here!  I have seriously posted so many glitter polishes by her recently.  I've gone on a binge, but hopefully you aren't sick of them yet...because I have more muahahaha!  Cauldron Drippings has been in my stash since FEBRUARY!!!!  And I'm only now wearing it.  I know, shameful.  But when it arrived I had a vision and it centered around October/Halloween so I tucked it away.  Now I finally get to unveil my idea.

Jelly sandwich time..wooooot!  I love a good glitter jelly sandwich and I feel this one came out wonderfully.  I started with 2 coats of OPI Y'All Come Back Ya Hear, which is from the Texas Collection 2011.  YCBYH is one of the 6 sorbets (jellies) of the collection.  Man that's a long name/abbreviation.  It seems all the names from this particular collection were long.  But I digress.  YCBYH is a great tangerine orange color and so squishy and shiny like a good jelly should be.  2 coats left my nail line visible, which you should expect if using a jelly.  

I then used 2 coats of Lynnderella Cauldron Drippings.  CD is one of those "kitchen sink" polishes…pretty much all the glitter left overs end up in the bottle.  Each batch/bottle of CD is supposedly different, which I actually believe as I compared bottle shots with 2 of my friends.  Different indeed.  The glitter came out easily and plentiful.  No problems with application, no fishing.

I added another coat of YCBYH to make it a jelly sandwich and viola…done!  

Thoughts?  Do you love the jelly sandwich too?  What is your favorite combination of polish to use for this method?  You can still find polish from the OPI Texas collection in the beauty supply stores and as I've said before, Lynnderella is available on eBay

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