Wednesday, May 22, 2013

ellagee Welcome, Foolish Mortals

Hello again polish fans!  I'm here with another awesome new brand, ellagee.  ellagee is created by Laura, a super nice gal, who already has some stunning collections under her belt.  I hope to review some of the other polishes in the near future, but this post will focus on the brand new World of Laughter Collection.  It's a nod to all of Laura's favorite things about Disneyland and Disneyworld - whether it be an attraction, a tasty treat or a character.  It's an adorable lineup that I'm basically head over heels for.  

Welcome, Foolish Mortals!  If you are a Disney junkie like I am you will immediately know what the name of this polish is referencing.  If you aren't then it's from the Haunted Mansion.  One of the best rides (IMO) in Disneyland, just spooky enough for all ages to enjoy.  WFM is an awesome polish to capture the creepy, dark side of this Disney attraction.  Here's the description on the ellagee website, "Welcome, Foolish Mortals is a deep charcoal gray base with fine silver/white shimmer and blue/purple color-shifting iridescent, green holographic, and purple holographic hexagon glitters."  I especially loved the iridescent glitter that appeared to glow green/blue in the dark base, reminiscent of the ghostly spirits that haunt the mansion!  The pictures below show 2 coats.  The formula was great.  WFM was easy to apply, the perfect consistency, and plenty of glitter come out with each brush dip.  The glitter all laid flat on my nails and 1 layer of topcoat sealed it all in.  

So what do you think of ellagee and The World of Laughter so far?  I have 2 more polishes from this collection coming up in the next few days!  Can't wait to show them to you.  Until then you can follow ellagee on Facebook, Instagram (ellageepolish) and shop at the website

*this polish was provided for my honest opinion and review

Just so you know what the polish is is the Haunted Mansion at Disneyland, CA.

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  1. Beautiful photos! Thanks so much for the great review <3