Wednesday, May 15, 2013

China Glaze Infra Red and Lumina Lacquer Man Eater

Hello there nail polish lovers.  What say you to a little holo and glitter bomb?  Yes?  Well good because that's what I have to share in this post.  Holo and glitter play so well together in my opinion.  And since they are my top 2 favorite finishes it's my favorite combination to play with.  

I started with China Glaze Infra Red as the base for this mani.  I don't really feel like this is "red" but more of a magenta color.  But definitely not red.  Regardless of the color not matching the name it's gorgeous.  It went on beautifully in 2 coats.  No typical holo issues like streaking or dragging (I notice I say that more and more often now....maybe holos are just being made better these days).  The formula was nice and creamy and thick (where as some holos are almost watery thin).  Infra Red has a very soft linear holo.  You will notice it's much more subtle than say the Color Club holos.  It's a very lovely holo effect.

I then decided to use Lumina Lacquer Man Eater to accent my nails.  Man Eater is a really gorgeous mix of matte grey, holo and black glitters.  It's awesome!  There are tons of great shapes in Man Eater: stars, moons, hearts, circles and hexs.  FUN!  There is also a nice amount of micro glitter to round it all out.  I dabbed Man Eater to my nails just under my cuticle area (I really need to look up the name for that part of the nail) and then covered my entire ring finger nail.  I did 2 coats this way.  I then used Gelous on my ring finger nail and a layer of topcoat on all nails.  The glitters smoothed out nicely and everything was sealed in and shiny.  Also - the topcoat did not effect the holo on Infra Red.  

You can purchase the China Glaze Infra Red and other Hologlam polishes at your local beauty supply store.  Lumina Lacquer is available online.  Be sure to follow Lumina Lacquer on Facebook and Instagram (luminalacquer).  

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  1. I LOVE this mani! its such a great combination! I think I need both of these polishes now! <3