Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Jamberry Nails and OPI Here Today Aragon Tomorrow Suede

What do we have here?  Something new for me to play with!  If you believe it I have never tried any nail wraps!  What are nail wraps you ask?  They are basically stickers that fit over your whole nail thus providing you with the quickest mani ever.  Several mainstream and drugstore brands make them and they have been out for quite some time.  I even have a few in my nail art box yet I have never tried any.  That changed this week when I pulled out the Jamberry Nail wraps that I was sent to review.  

Being new to nail wraps I followed the directions carefully (a handy little instruction card is included with the wraps).  I cleaned my nails and fully dried them off.  I matched my nails to the wrap I planned on using to find which nail wrap would fit best.  I then pulled off the wrap and used my hair dryer to warm it up.  Warming it up is what makes it pliable and easy to smooth out on the nail.  Next I trimmed the excess - I found that the closer you trim to your actual nail the better.  Next step is to file the remaining wrap.  Another tip is to use a fresh file for this step.  I used the blow dryer again and put heat on my Jamberry'd nail and pressed down all over my nail to secure all the edges!  Done!  I used the wrap on my pinky and painted the rest of my nails with OPI Here Today Aragon Tomorrow Suede - one of the most gorgeous greens of all time.  No topcoat used on polish or the Jamberry wrap.  I used the quick removal process (info shared on direction card) to remove the nail wrap which entailed using a finger nail to lift up one of the edges, then pull it off.  The wrap came off easily and there was no residue left behind on my nails.

Overall I was pleasantly surprised by Jamberry Nails!  They were easy to apply and looked great.  A little time consuming with all the heating, but no longer than doing an actual mani.  Definitely quicker than doing free-hand nail art.  

If Jamberry Nails is something that interests you, check out My friend Ashley's shop, facebook page and blog to learn more about the brand!

*Jamberry Nails were provided for my honest opinion and review
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  1. Very cute! It's nice to know I can have the look of a water marble since I can't seem to do a real one. ;)