Thursday, May 30, 2013

OPI DS Couture

OPI DS Couture, I love you.  You are gorgeous.  Your coral-pink base with super holo rainbow shine make me so happy.  You are classy and feminine.  But you are ready to party.  You are perfect.  Don't tell your siblings but you are my favorite.  Shhhhh!  It'll be our secret.

Oh, were you listening to me talk to my polish?  Ehem, that was embarrassing.  Well a super sweet polish friend happened upon this bottle of heaven and remembered that I desperately wanted it.  So it happened that Couture became mine!  It is all I wanted it to be and more.  The color is the perfect blend of coral and pink.  The formula was surprisingly great for an early holo (it is my opinion that holos pre-2012 were mostly thin, watery and streaky.  But recently they are much thicker with a creamy formula but not skimping on holoiness).  When I applied Couture I did worry it was going to be thin and watery but that was not the case at all.  I got full coverage in 2 coats.   I used 1 layer of topcoat and the holo effect was not affected. 

Now the sad part - this is not an easy to find polish.  It's old, from 2008 I believe.  It's discontinued. You might find it on ebay but it will cost you.  If you see it on the cheap buy it without a second thought.   So what do you think of OPI DS Couture? 

**before we start the pictures I just want to say sorry for the wonky hand poses…I truly cannot hold an OPI bottle nicely.  

And now a quickie little comparison.  I happened to have OPI Crim Sun and Coral Reef and they all look similar, no?  So lets see how they look on the nails.  I used 2 coats of each color and then a layer of topcoat.  
Index: Couture
Middle: Coral Reef
Ring: Crim Sun
Pinky: Couture

Coral Reef, Couture, Crim Sun


Coral Reef

Crim Sun

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