Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Celestial Cosmetics: Opie, Reaper Crew and Chrome Amaranth

Good morning friends!  Hope your Monday went by without a hitch.  And if you are in one of the freezing Polar Vortex zones I hope you are staying as warm as possible.  Maybe looking at some sexay-hot polish will help keep you in warm spirits.  I have some lovely Celestial Cosmetics to share today and while they are readily available to Aussie gals, they aren't so easy for us US gals to nab.  Thank goodness for stockists like Color4Nails!  You can purchase all 3 of these at Color4Nails now.  


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Up first I have the Color4Nails exclusive shade, Chrome Amaranth.  Chrome Amaranth is a silver chrome polish with red glitter.  I also noticed some holo glitters in there, but they are sparse.  This polish was a little sheer, after 3 coats I still had a little visible nail line.  I did not use topcoat for my pictures but I'd recommend it because the glitter gives off a slightly bumpy look.  

Now I have 2 Celestials from the Sons of Anarchy collection.  This one is Reaper Crew.  Reaper Crew is a black linear holo with a very sparkly and pretty rainbow flame.  Application and formula were both fantastic.  Reaper Crew applied like butter in 2 coats and was very glossy and shiny without any topcoat.

*with flash*

This is Opie, also from the Sons of Anarchy collection.  Opie is a shiny, foily, metallic silver linear holo.  This is a gorgeous polish!  Application and formula were both top notch.  I used 3 coats for full opaqueness and no topcoat.

*with flash*

*with flash*

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