Thursday, January 2, 2014

Red Dog Designs Birthday Suit

Good morning!  And what a good morning it is.  I'm posting a holo, my most favorite kind of polish.  And it's a nude holo to most favorite holo color (besides red).  I really don't know why I love nude holo so much.  It's just so damn pretty.  Understated, wearable, beautiful, goes with everything, I could go on and on.  My friend Gina at Red Dog Designs sent me this gorgeous one of a kind nude holo as a Christmas gift and I put it on the day after Christmas.  It is perfection!  Gina excels at glitter bombs but I swear she should offer other finishes in her shop because they come out so fabulous.  

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Birthday Suit is a really lovely nude holo.  But it's not really a straight up nude color.  I can see some very light purple in there when in indoor lighting.  Birthday Suit has a great linear holo, it's just the perfect strength to add that noticeable touch to the natural color.  The formula and application were both wonderful.  Birthday Suit was very creamy and opaque.  I used 2 coats and 1 layer of topcoat.  

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  1. This is pretty, I don't think I have any nude holos, but then I do have some neutral polishes and holo topper, so I'll give that a try. I feel like I've been waiting for winter (post Christmas) to use all these neutral cremes I was getting (mostly from Zoya last year, not the latest collection of theirs). But I am kind of creme-phobic, both because it shows my application flaws, and it isn't holo or texture or sparkly so it's kinda boring (to me)...

  2. This is beautiful! I don't have any nude holos but I would totally buy this one.