Friday, January 10, 2014

ellagee Bejeweled Collection: Princess Sparkle, Glints of Gold & Crushed Crystal

Good morning!  I have more glittery goodness to share with you today!  These lovelies are from the brand new ellagee collection called Bejeweled.  The collection is full of "blindingly sparkly texture polishes."  These sure were sparkly!  Packed full of microglitter, the Bejeweled polishes can be worn alone in 2 to 3 coats or can be layered over a base color in 1 coat.  You have the option of wearing them with and without topcoat for different looks as well.  Lots of options in this collection!  Let's look at them shall we?

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Princess Sparkle is a "clear based glitter texture polish with shades of silver, blue, green, pink and purple metallic and holographic glitter."  I loved the soft colors in this one - it really does feel like a polish a princess would wear.  It's definitely as sparkly as a tiara!  I used 3 thin coats for complete coverage.  You can easily use 2 but I added the 3rd for extra depth.  The formula and application were both great.  Princess Sparkle spread on easily and didn't clump up.  I let each coat dry completely before adding the next.  Dry time was actually quite quick.  The texture feel is different than that of a sand or pixie because it's glitter-gritty textured.  The feel is very minimal to the touch.  I would only warn you that removal = glitter-glitter everywhere!  

*with 1 layer of Gelous*

Glints of Gold is a totally gorgeous blend of "iridescent and black, gold and green holographic and metallic glitters" in a clear base.  Glints of Gold had the same formula and application as Princess Sparkle.  It's a very dense micro glitter that was easy to apply.  I didn't have any problems with clumping or dragging.  I let each layer dry completely before putting on the next.  I used 3 thin coats.  As I'd mentioned before, the texture feel of this is different than that of a sand or pixie because this is a glitter texture.  The feel is very lightly gritty to the touch.  Again - clean up/removal will create a glitternado to occur all over your fingers and nail beds.   

 *with 1 layer of Gelous*

Last but not least, Crushed Crystal.  This one was my favorite of the 3 because I love the glints of rainbow between the black and silver microglitter.  Crushed Crystal is described as a "clear based glitter texture polish with black holo and multicolored metallic glitter."  It's just so pretty and sparkly, it's nuts!  Just like the last 2, the formula and application were great.  I had no issues with the dense glitter formula and found it easy to spread and apply.   I used 3 thin coats for complete coverage.  I let each coat dry completely for a few minutes before adding the next.  The glitter texture feel is very slight. 

 *with 1 layer of Gelous*

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  1. oh man, Princess Sparkle is calling me!

  2. Thanks so much!!!! Photo look awesome as always <3

  3. These look really fun! They're super cute. I especially love Princess Sparkle.