Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Indigo Bananas SPAM!

Good morning all!  I have another big post for you today.  Indigo Bananas is one of my favorite indie brands.  Andrea comes up with really gorgeous colors and her collections are fun.  I am itching to get my fingers on her new collection inspired by Willy Wonka (the original with Gene Wilder, not the weird new one with Johnny Depp).  But until I can get some of those I will show you the Indigo Bananas that I currently do have!  

Up first I have Electric Unicorns.  Electric Unicorns is a "periwinkle blue (or a medium, leaning lavender) creme packed with pale green duochrome glass flecks that also shift a green blue."  This is a very pretty polish with lots of personality!  My pictures are showing it much more blue that lavender - the macro is closets to the actual color.  Electric Unicorns had a great formula that was fantastic to apply.  I used 3 coats for full coverage.  It did dry a bit dull so I used 1 layer of topcoat.    

This beauty is A Thousand Dreams from the Endless Summer 2013 collection.  I loved this entire collection and have been slowly picking them up one at a time.  A Thousand Dreams has a pink/red base that shifts to "coral red, orange red and golden red."  I adore the color but what I love most about it is the mixed linear holo and metallic finish.  It's so fun and unique.  The metallic finish almost gives  it a frosty look, and it totally works.  The formula on A Thousand Dreams was a little thin, but it built up perfectly in 3 layers and no topcoat.  

With A Spoon In It comes from the Executive Holo collection.  This is an amazing polish - the color, the holo effect, it's all fantastic.  With A Spoon In It is described as a "light brown ('late' or taupe), with two kinds of shimmer in it: a greyish brown shimmer that has a slight pink shift (giving this polish a slight pink highlight) and small amounts of gold shimmer particles throughout."  Formula and application were both great on this polish.  I used 2 layers with no topcoat for complete coverage.  

This is Moonlight (Clair de lune).  Moonlight is a "super shiny, real silver flakie based polish that has purple, black and holographic microglitter in it."  Despite this being a dense glitter polish it is very smooth.  I really adore this polish and look forward to getting it's rose gold sibling, A Star To Sail By.   Moonlight was a breeze to apply, so much glitter comes out with each brush dip and it all spreads nicely on the nails.  You can use this polish on it's own or as a glitter topper.  I used 3 coats alone for full coverage and no topcoat.  

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