Wednesday, September 17, 2014

*FASHION REVIEW* Origami Owl Genuine Leather Wrap Bracelet

Good morning lovelies!  I've got a different sort of post for you today, it's a fashion post!  I'm a big fan of jewelry, especially jewelry that has a niche.  Origami Owl has just that - actually it has a marketplace all it's own!  I first learned about Origami Owl about a year ago and I've been completely hooked ever since.  It's 100% customizable - you pick the locket; size, color, level of bling.  Then you add on chains and charms and dangles to create a piece that is all YOU!  Origami Owl specializes in necklaces and bracelets but recently added on a fabulous collection of earrings (hopefully I'll have some of those to share with you soon).  The items in my post are available for purchase at, use the bar code JenniferTesauro464169 when you check out.  You can also see posts featuring Origami Owl baubles and charms on Instagram - just follow @lashgurl for pictures and updates on new products.

I thought you might want to see how adorable the Origami Owl packaging is.  It makes me happy every time I receive a package because it's so darling.  Orders arrive in this Tiffany blue take out box with this cute owl on one side and words to live by on the other.

The internal packaging for my order consisted of these small hexagon boxes and 2 little baggies - 1 with the leather bracelet pieces and the other with the charms.  

Here are the small hexagon boxes.  I love the cute little slogans, they do make me happy.

Slide off the outer sleeve...

Here are some pictures showing how easy it is to put together all the pieces.  The first step was to attach the Black Genuine Leather Wrap pieces to the Locket Base.  2 snaps and done.  

Here's what the Locket Base looks like with both pieces of the Wrap Bracelet added on.  

Now the fun part...adding the charms!  There are so many options available and you can pick and choose from themes such as your profession, favorite pet, birthstone, state, hobby, etc.  I have 2 weddings coming up and I picked charms that would match my dress and settings.  Here you can see I chose the California state charm (OMG the state charms are adorable!), Crystal Rose Gold Heart, Silver Star, Silver Cowgirl Boot, and some of the new Signature Hex Swarovski Crystals: Rose Gold, Erinite, Silk and Padparadscha.  You can place them into the locket with your fingers, but to keep them from falling upside down I used tweezers.  

The Medium Locket Base fits around 6-7 charms so these are the ones I decided to place in my locket for daily wear.  But you can be sure that the cowgirl boot will make an appearance for the wedding I'm attending in Texas soon!

Now I'm placing the locket face on the base.  The Origami Owl I owned prior to this bracelet have magnetic lockets where the face was attached to the base.  These are available in the Classic Living Lockets section of the website.  The Twist Living Lockets work just as well, possibly easier to switch the charms in and out of.  But I do find myself checking the twist often to ensure it's secure.  

I'm holding the charm upside down to show you that all the charms are safe and sound inside the locket.

Now I get to wear it!  YAY!  The bracelet is comfortable to wear, not heavy or bulky.  The crystals in the face really sparkle in the sunlight.  I adore the charms I picked out and even thought I have a nice stash of charms I am always looking to add more.  Origami Owl adds new charms every season and the holiday ones are especially popular (and often sell out).  

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