Monday, September 15, 2014

I Love Nail Polish: Black Orchid, Fall Sememster & Homecoming

Good evening lovelies.  I'm ready for the Fall aren't you?  Can the weather turn cooler already, please?  Who do I call to make that happen?  Well if I can't enjoy a drop in temperature yet then I should at least be able to enjoy Fall colored polish!  Tonight I have some gorgeous I Love Nail Polish from the recently released Fall Collection so let's take a looksee and imagine those crunchy fallen leaven, crisp air, the smell of wood burning in fireplaces and the taste of hot apple cider.  

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Let's start with Black Orchid, the one from the collection that really drew in my eye.  Simply put, I am a sucker for any and all deep, vampy colors that fall in the merlot/burgundy family.  Black Orchid is amazing and exactly what I wanted it to be.  It seems to have a blend of scattered and linear holo.  The formula was perfect.  I used 2 coats of Black Orchid for full coverage and no topcoat.   

Homecoming is another fantastic color - a deep purple with a nice dose of gold micro flakes.  I'll admit I am not the hugest fan of purple polish, but I had to have Homecoming...and I am so glad about it!  The flame on this polish is pretty nuts too - a very vibrant blue.  I again see a mix of scattered and linear holo.  Homecoming had a great formula and applied very nicely. I used 2 coats for full coverage and no topcoat.  


Last but not least, Fall Semester.  This dark teal is stunning.  Aside from the holo I also saw some gold shimmer and blue/green (shifting?) micro flakes.  The formula and application were both awesome.  You'd only need 2 coats of Fall Semester for full coverage but I had a wonky brush so I did 3 coats to ensure I painted evenly.  


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