Thursday, October 13, 2016

Born Petty Store; Red Metal Nail Art Stamper Clear Jelly Silicone Head Stamper with Cap and 2 Scrapers

Good afternoon beauties.  I wanted to share a second post with you today because I am totally in love with stamping.  I think I finally got the hang of it and it's such an easy way to do nail art.  I feel like I get to join the cool kid nail art club now.  I've got a clear stamper to show you.  This is the Red Metal Nail Art Stamper from Born Pretty Store. You can purchase this stamper right HERE.  It's only $3.99; you get the stamper, cap and 2 scrapers.  And don't forget you can save 15% off your entire order using my code JTOW10.  Let's jump in and see this post!

*press sample*

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 Here's what the Red Metal Nail Art Stamper looks like.  It's more squat (for lack of a better word) than others I have worked with.  That puts you a bit closer to the plate or your decal.  I found it easy to work with once I got the hang of it.  The stamper is soft/squishy and crystal clear.  

I found that the squishy stamper part does push down into the metallic holder.   I don't think there's a lip to hold it into place.  But it doesn't sink down all the way. 

Here I used the stamper to pick up an image.  I think that because the stamp sinks down into the holder it compromises how much of the image is picked up.  But as you can see almost the entire image is there.  

But lookee here!  The stamps came out great!  So even with the one issue I was able to make it work and ended up with super fun nails!  I like that none of them match too.  

I used Joy Lacquer Enchanted Pixie as my base and Girly Bits Cosmetics Coral Reef stamping polish.  

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