Sunday, October 16, 2016

ellagee Luminous Orchid & Jewel Encrusted

Good evening beauties.  Today was a nice day.  We all got to sleep in because our morning activities were rained out.  Then we headed off to a trampoline place to celebrate my middles 8th birthday.  It was a pretty fun day.  Now we are chillin', watching some TV, playing with new birthday toys.  I figured I'd jump on the laptop and share a post with you.  Tonight I have some older ellagee polishes to share with you, Luminous Orchid and Jewel Encrusted.  Both of these are perfect holiday polishes!  You can pink up both or either in the shop now.  Let's check 'em out! 

*press sample*

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Luminous Orchid is a clear base filled with 12 karat white gold flakes.  Oooooooh, fancy!  The flakes vary in size and it's recommended that you do not shake the bottle to keep the fragile gold flakes in tact.  The base is fairly thick so give the brush a swirl in the bottle, get off as much excess base as you can.  I used 1 coats of Luminous Orchid over a soft grey-green base.  I finished with topcoat.   Luminous Orchid is $16 for a 15ml bottle.

Jewel Encrusted is a clear base with a mix of metallic and holo glitter in jewel tones, silver and gold holo microglitter.  This is so blingtastic.  If you want something that makes people stop and oogle your nails this is it!  You can reach full coverage in 2 to 3 coats.  Formula and application were both great.  I finished with topcoat for a glossy and smooth finish.  Jewel Encrusted is $11 for a 15ml bottle.  

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