Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Orly; Meet Me At Mullholland & Breathables Nourishing Nude & Beauty Essential

Good morning dears!  How's your Tuesday treating you?  I feel like I got absolutely nothing done because I went on a field trip with Naomi.  So today I have to take her to a doctors appointment and rush to the grocery store after.  I have a feeling house chores will get put off for yet another day.  It's killing me how I can't seem to keep anything clean these days.  But one thing I can keep up with is sharing polish with you.  Today I have some nice Orly's to share with you.  One from the Fall 2016 Mulholland Collection and two from the new Breathables line.  You can buy Orly polish and Breathables now for around $9 each. Let's jump in and check out the polish!  

*press sample*

Up first is Meet Me At Mullholland, from the Fall collection which is also called Mulholland.  It's a sheer brown full of gold and red sparkles and some good flakes.  It's a beautiful color, perfect for Fall.  The flakes are really stunning.  But I did find the polish to be very sheer, so I wasn't able to build it up to full coverage.  I'd definitely wear this again but I'd layer it over a similar color.  I used 4 coats and topcoat.

The next 2 are the Breathables.  This is Nourishing Nude and it's an extremely sheer, shiny nude tone.  This does not build up to full coverage but it's not supposed to.  I love that it leaves me with a very clean look.  I used 2 coats.  This is super shiny on it's own so no topcoat needed. 

Beauty Essential is a vibrant coral creme.  The formula on this was stellar!  It covered perfectly in 2 coats and no topcoat needed.  I like how the Breathables felt on my nails, light and airy, not weighted down at all.  I do have to mention that the smell of the Breathables isn't what I'm used to.  It's not offensive, just different that regular nail polish.  

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