Saturday, April 15, 2017

Dare To Wear by Lechat: Mood Polish

Morning all!  I've got some fun color changing polish for you to check out from the Dare To Wear by Lechat brand.  This is a cool brand because it's available at local nail supply stores as well as online.  I've meandered through their CosmoProf booth in the past and they have a huge selection of both regular and gel polish.  You can see all the awesome stuff they have on their website!  Tonight I have some of their Mood Polish to share with you!  I love that there is a mix of shimmery, glittery and cremes in this collection.  And there are way more colors to choose from.  

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Dare To Wear by Lechat: Website/Shop, Facebook, Instagram

Before I just in to each individual shade let me just say that all of these transitioned very easily with my finger/hand temperature.  Formula for some ran a bit sheer, but nothing I'd really complain about.  Application for all were great.  

Up first I have Partly Cloudy.  It's a frosty silver (warm) that transitions to a beautiful icy blue (cold).  I really like both of these soft, subtle shades.  I did find this one to be a bit sheer, I had visible nail line after 4 thin coats.  But it's such an ethereal shade the sheerness actually works with it.  No topcoat used.  

Glistening Waterfall is a softy sparkling polish that is the palest aqua when warm and more vibrant shade of aqua when cool.  So pretty!  I used 3 thin coats and as you can see there is still some visible nail line there.  I should have opened for a 4th coat.  Again, it doesn't really bother me because when the polish changes to the darker shade it's hardly noticeable.  

Ultraviolet is a glittery pale purple when warm and changes to a deep purple when cold.  First off I love the silvery glitter against both shades.  It's so fun!  I used 4 layers and no topcoat for what you see in the pictures below.   

Magic Lace is a shimmery champagne (warm) that changes to a soft peach when your hands are cold.  Loving both of the colors here!  The finish leans a bit frosty so you can see that there are a couple streaks.  Just be sure to not overwork the polish and you should be smooth sailing! 

Island Wonder is possibly one of my favorites!  A lovely mint creme when warm and a lovely pastel lilac when cold.  I actually threw 3 pictures in here so you can see the color of this one in mid-transition.  It's a soft lavender!  3 coats used and no topcoat.  

Here's Coral Caress.  I have to admit that it's not really coral at all, more of a pink-berry that transitions to a more vibrant shade of berry when cold.  But despite the colors shown on the cap and the ones on the nail it's a really pretty combo.  I used 2 coats and no topcoat.  

Ok ok, maybe this is my favorite!  Twilight Skies is a hot pink creme that changes to a deep berry.  This is going to be such a fun one to wear during the summer!  And it was definitely my little's favorite...she requested it on her fingers and toes and was delighted every time it changed color. I used 3 layers and no topcoat.   

I'm stuck on repeat but THIS is my favorite.  Haha.  Really though, I am totally in love with the 2 colors of Sunset Beach.  Shimmery fiery-orange when warm and a dusky purple with golden shimmer  when cold.  Perfectly captures the colors of a sunset!  3 coats, no topcoat.  

Here's Dazzling Dawn.  I've been obsessed with shades of mustard lately so I had to try this one and it didn't disappoint!  I feel it's a totally unique color combo though I know it won't be for everyone.  the warm shade is a shimmery golden yellow that transitions to a deep olive when cold.  I used 4 coats and no topcoat.  

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