Sunday, April 23, 2017

Potion Polish; Wistful Collection

Afternoon beauties.  Coming down from the high that was my birthday weekend.  So many awesome things happened, I don't think this year will ever be topped.  Now I'm shacked up on my couch watch Madrid play Barcelona on TV and it's a great game (editing to say WOMP Madrid lost).  No better time to share a post than now!  Today I have a trio of gorgeous polish from Potion Polish that will be available on 4/28.  This trio has a little of everything, shimmer, flakies, holo...and of course they're all gorgeous!  You can pick up the Wistful Collection on 4/28 at 1pm EST.  They will be $10-$10.50 each.  Mark your calendar so you remember to pick them up.  Now it's time to check out pictures, woot!

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Let's star with Sweet Yesterdays, a bright sky blue with pink shimmering green chrome flakes.  Gorgeous color!  Blues in this shade always remind me of vacation, somewhere on a tropical island with amazing blue waters.  All things relaxing and calm.  Formula and application were both lovely.  I used 3 coats and finished up with topcoat.

Halcyon is my favorite of the trio.  It's a very pale pink with lilac undertones, turquoise shimmer and green chrome flakes.  Absolutely stunning!  I want to wear this ALL THE TIME!  It makes me feel girly and pretty and I think it's going to be amazing with a tan (hurry up Summer!).  Great formula, creamy and smooth.  Applied perfectly in 3 coats.  Topcoat to finish.  

The final polish in the trio is Fondest Dream.  This is a violet holo with added holo flakes.  Yaaaaaasssssss, so sexy!  I actually like wearing darker shades like this all year round, plus it's holo so you know I love it.  Fabulous color.  Fabulous finish.  Fabulous formula.  Fabulous application.  2 layers and no topcoat used.  

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