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Fit Snack Box: March 2017

Hey y'all!  Today is my birthday and I'm getting myself ready for lunch with friends.  But first I wanted to share a quick post for you!  This is a Runner Jen post so it's not nail related, but for those of you looking for healthy snacks to get you through the day or a boost of energy before or after a workout then this post will be great of you.  I reviewed one before and had nothing but great things to say about the Fit Snack Box. You can sign up for 3 months to a 12 month subscription for delivery.   You can save some moolah using my link HERE!  Let's jump in and check out this box!

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Lots of great stuff in this box!  Starting off with the Rise Buddy, a baked rice snack.  These "chips" were light, airy and the perfect amount of salt.  I enjoyed them very much.  And even better, I didn't feel guilty after eating them.

Purely Elizabeth Granola + Puffs Cereal was another very tasty treat.  It had chia in it, which I tend to avoid because I don't like the texture, but it wasn't noticeable in this cereal.  I also tend to shy away from dried coconut, but I didn't notice it at all.  The cereal was the perfect amount of sweetness (very light) and it was very filling.  I think this would be a great, filling breakfast.  

LifeAid Thrive, from my understanding, is a daily drink in a blend of vitamins and minerals.  It's lightly sweetened, lightly carbonated, and very tasty.  It reminds me of Red Bull, but it's not an energy drink nor is it as sweet.  I'd also like to add that I've tried the Recover drink, its got the same flavor and bubbles and I quite enjoyed it after a run.  

Pep Pod is just up my alley!  It's a tablet that you drop into your water bottle to take out on a run (or bike ride, or walk, or sporting event) and it replenishes lost vitamins and electrolytes.  If I don't put a replacement like this in my water and am out in the sun for prolonged periods of time sweating I end up with a horrid headache.  Well the Pep Pod did it's job!  I went on a run, popped a tablet into my water and felt great afterwards.  The tablet fizzes up creating a pink, bubbly, refreshing beverage.  It's lightly sweet, kind of fruity.  2 thumbs up from me!  

Ok, I have to be honest with this one.  It scared me.  Bricks Bars is an organic beef snack with veggies and fruit and other stuff in there.  It didn't smell good and didn't taste good.  It actually was almost like eating cardboard (same texture I'd imagine) with some beef flavoring on it.  So I do not recommend this one.  It seems they have a couple other flavors so maybe those are better.  But if you really like organic items like this, or meat snacks, you may enjoy it!  OH, on a side note, these are paleo friendly.  

Charge On Protein Bar was delicious!  But I am a total sucka for anything in salted caramel flavor.  This bar was surprisingly tasty tho.  I was expecting OG Power Bar texture but it was nothing like that.  I was very happy!  My oldest son (who also loves salted caramel) tried it and also gave it a thumbs up.  But holy moly...20 grams of protein!  This bar is NO JOKE!  I will absolutely be being this product in the future.  

Another honesty moment.  I haven't tried the Power Matcha yet.  I assume I just mix it into a glass of water, or blend it into a smoothie or juice.  I have tried Matcha before so I know it will be a stronger tea flavor.  Obviously since Matcha has a lot of caffeine, this would be used as an energy supplement.  Hopefully I can try this one soon.  

Last but not least are the VitaFive vitamin gummies.  These are yummy little gummies that provide you with a dose of vitamins and minerals.  I received these in my February box so if you want more detail you can read about them HERE.  

Thanks for joining me!  Stay tuned for the April Fit Snack box!  

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