Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Sally Hansen Moisture Rehab Cuticle Treatment

Morning again beauties!  Today's post is a nail related post, but it's for this awesome new cuticle treatment.  It sits somewhere between an oil and a gel.  It's not liquid, it's not strait up gel and its not oily.  So that leaves me with the difficult task of explaining it!  I'll do my best when we really jumping to the post.  Sally Hansen Moisture Rehab is available at your local beauty and drug stores (Walmart, CVS, Walgreens, Target and Ulta) for about $8.50.  Now let's see what this product does!  

*press sample*

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Alright, so you've seen the front of the package, standard Sally Hansen stuff there.  Here's the back...also standard.  The description is very truthful.  Moisture Rehab is indeed a lightweight serum (that I still don't know how to describe).  Take note that it says to apply to bare nails at night.  I left the bottle on my nightstand and would apply it once I jumped in bed for the night.  It became a nice routine.  *I tried this product out consistently for a month*

It's a pretty blue shade and has a pleasant scent.  It's described as black orchid, acai and algae.  It's a faint floral smell that I enjoyed.  

Here's the not-gel, not-oil, not-liquid formula.  Still no idea what to call it but it doesn't drip or run or get all over the place.  But it's thinner than a gel.  I would brush the Moisture Rehab over all my cuticles/nails then rub it in.  The formula dries very quickly and is not sticky or slick at all.  

Here's the Moisture Rehab rubbed in immediately after applying.  You can see that it's nearly completely absorbed, doesn't look shiny or oily.  Obviously I didn't follow the directions of ratios picture, but trust me when I say that my nails were naked 90% of the time I used Moisture Rehab.  After using it for a month I absolutely noticed a difference in my nails.  They seemed brighter, even a bit stronger.  My cuticles seemed healthier too!  

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