Monday, January 29, 2018

Stella Chroma February Polish Pickup Exclusive: O, Macaron

Good afternoon/evening beauties.  I'm coming to you from gymnastics class today.  I usually have to run over to the ghetto grocery store across the street while Naomi is in dynasties because life is busy and I hardly have time to grocery shop let alone make dinner.  But today, because of the way plans played out, I was able to go to Costco and stock the house full of food!  YAY, winning at life!  Now I get to relax here for an hour, watching my strong little kick butt in her class while sharing a post with you!  As you know the Polish Pickup will be open this Friday.  The theme is Sugar Rush and it's seriously made for me!  I have the biggest sweet tooth of anyone I know and could literally eat sugary food for every single meal and snack.  Today's post is gorgeous polish from Stella Chroma!  
O, Macaron will be available from 2/2-2/5 for $12.  GUYS!  This polish (as well as all the others available through the PPU each month) is only available for 4 days!  4 DAYS.  If you like it buy it!  No FOMO, No Regrets! Let's check it out.

*press sample*

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O, Macaron is a gorgeous soft blue leaning turquoise creme with dark flakies and holo particles for some sparkly pizazz!  Perfectly captures the Oreo Cheesecake Macaron it was inspired by.  And how amazing does that treat sound?  I would love to try one of those, I basically love any macaron ever.  Formula and application were both great, no complaints here!  I used 3 coats for total opacity (2 would be fine with a more heavy handed painter).  I finished with some glossy topcoat.

Color on my macro is waaaay off, but you can really see the holo shimmer!  Look at it!

I had to bust out the matte topcoat and whoa mama, it's stunning!  

I have this cute little macaron jewelry box at home and thought it would be a nice little prop to hold!   

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