Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Stella Chroma January Polish Pick Up Exclusive: Forgot the Crystals & Amber Glow Emulsified Sugar Scrub

Evening dears!  I'm back with another post for the Polish Pickup!   Did you know it is the first weekend of every month?  Did you know it's going to be 1/5-1/8 THIS month?   Did you know the theme is Crystals and Gemstones?  Well now you know all that good stuff and we can jump in to the post featuring Forgot The Crystals by Stella Chroma.  Ok, this one is awesome because it's gorgeous (of course) but also because it's inspired by Napoleon Dynamite!  Seriously such a funny movie!   Pam also created another amazing emulsified sugar scrub for us to enjoy, this one is called Amber Glow.  You'll be able to pick these up for $12 and $5.50.  Let's go ahead and check them out.  

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Forgot the Crystals is inspired by a funny scene in Napoleon Dynamite where he's tinkering with he and Uncle Rico's sweet crystal powered time machine.  This is a pale icy pink with holo flakies, holo glitter and pink shimmer.  Beautiful and ethereal polish, definitely gives me a crystalline vibe.  Formula was a touch sheer, but it works fine because I don't expect crystals to be opaque. Application was great.  3 coats used and topcoat.

Stella Chroma also created an emulsified sugar scrub for January.  Her scrubs sell like hot cakes!  You get a 2.5 ounce jar of scrub for $5.50, it's a great deal and it lasts me for such a long time!  Amber Glow is inspired by amber stones and is a sultry blend of amber, jasmine, vanilla and patchouli.  It's a rich, luxurious scent and it reminds me of when I was a kid and I'd steal my moms solid amber perfume and wear it (back when I was a hippie and went to Grateful Dead concerts).  Perfect grit, works up into a great grit "lather" if that's such a thing, and leaves my hands super soft and lightly scented.  

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