Saturday, January 27, 2018

Colors by Llarowe Mild & Wild 2018 Collection

Good morning and happy Saturday! We have survived another week, it was an especially long one for me.  I worked out 3 separate times yesterday just to have some stress relief.  I got it, and my body is sufficiently sore from doing new things (paddle board cardio/yoga anyone?!).  So needless to say, I was a bit preoccupied with my body yesterday and didn't have a chance to sit down and get a post up. I'm making up for it today with a post or two, starting off with the up and coming Colors by Llarowe Mild & Wild 2018 Collection.  2 4-piece sets of coordinating polishes with a "mild" or "wild" theme. All 8 are fantastic.  The Mild & Wild 2018 collection will be available on 2/1 for $5 or $11.  I'll comment on the ones that are $5.  You can buy the whole collection for $68. Now that you have all that info, let's check out some polish!  

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I'm starting us out with the Mild portion of the collection.  Here's a group photo, aren't they lovely?

Tease is a medium periwinkle, blue crelly with an uber shiny finish.  It definitely reads darker and more blue on my nails.  The formula and finish were both great, creamy and opaque in 2 coats.  No topcoat needed.  Tease is $5.  

Dainty is a dark blue to copper to pink shifty topper with purple to blue shifty micro glitter and pink to purple shimmer.  You can use it alone (in about 3 coats) or as a topper over another shade.  I put Dainty over Tease but it also looks amazing over Fast Cars & Rowdy Bars!  Formula was great and I liked the glitter/shimmery payoff with 1 coat.  I finished with a layer of topcoat.  

I also tried out the Dainty/Tease combo with matte topcoat.  I think I prefer it this way!  

Sugar & Spice is my favorite of the Milds.  It's a light lilac creme with pink to red fine shimmer.  Totally gorgeous!  I think that red shimmer gets me every time!  It was super sheer and delicate in 1 coat and builds up perfectly in 2 and 3 coats.  I liked it both sheer and opaque.  Great formula and application.  I am showing you 3 coats here with topcoat.  

Sugar & Spice with matte topcoat.  

The last of the Mild side is 80 Degrees.  This is a light aqua base linear holo with lilac to pink to blue shifty shimmer.  Well you know I like this one because holo is everything!  The shade has a great, chilly vibe but it's perfect for Spring, like flowers coming up through the snow.  Nice formula, great application.  I used 3 thin coats and finished with topcoat.  

And here's our first look at the Wild side!  Cute little family photo.

Starting this portion off with Burning Down The House, a medium plum glow base with blue flame.  This is a super gorgeous color, I always tend to pick out this shade family.  Also, I am completely enamored with this type of holo finish, so fabulous!  Formula on this one was amazing, 1 coat for full coverage and topcoat to finish.  

Snakeskin Boots is a blackened charcoal grey base with original UP pigment and aurora pigment.  This one is a beauty!  You can wear this one alone or over a base color for different color shifts.  Be aware that Snakeskin Boots is the LE of the collection because of the limited supply of pigments to make it.  I have Snakeskin Boots on alone and it built up perfectly in 3 coats.  I finished with topcoat.  

Snakeskin Boots with matte topcoat.  

Fast Cars & Rowdy Bars is a blackened teal crelly with a super shiny finish.  Super gorgeous, deep shade that is the perfect base for all types of topcoats.  Of course, it's also totally great on it's own too!  Good formula, full opacity in 3 coats.  No application problems.  No topcoat used.  Fast Cars & Rowdy Bars is $5.  

Fast Cars & Rowdy Bars with matte topcoat.  

And last but not least is On The Prowl, a jelly based topper with various sized iridescent shifty glitters and aurora pigment.  This is a perfect blend of shimmer, glitter and color shift.  I have it on over Fast Cars & Rowdy Bars but you can layer it over anything.  No issues with formula or application.  Both were great.  I used 2 coats to build up the depth of the topper.  Topcoat to finish.  

On The Prowl with matte topcoat.  

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