Sunday, January 21, 2018

Zoya Kisses Collection

Evening dears!  I am working on this post, mainly because I am avoiding the ever growing laundry pile that needs to be folded.  I swear the laundry is a chore that never, ever ends.  I maybe get 1 day where I don't have to think about it because I have literally washed every single article of clothing/bedding/towel in the house.  And can you believe January is almost over?!  I was just thinking about that and how it's almost Valentine's Day!  I have some perfect polishes for the Hallmark holiday to show you tonight.  The Zoya Kisses Collection consists of 3 pastel jellies and a color shifty topper!  Yup, perfect for some sweetheart nails.  The Zoya Kisses are available now and you have a few purchasing options; individual bottles are $10, the trio of jellies is $30 or the quad with the topper is $40.  Let's jump in and check them out!

*press sample*

Starting off with Vickie, a super soft, super sheer, greyed out purple pastel jelly.  I am super digging this shade and finish, squishy and the perfect wash of color.  It says to me, I want to be delicate and sexy but I still have an attitude.  You're going to see visible nail line with this (and the other 2) because of the jelly finish.  I used 3 coats here and no topcoat needed.

Here's Leia, the sheer opalescent topper with flecks of fuchsia, green and gold over Vickie.  I really like how it adds some depth and a nice dose of shimmer.  I used 1 coat of Leia and then topcoat.  

This is Leia over Vickie with matte topcoat.  Mmmm hmmmm, I am liking this!

Libby is a soft, sheer, pinkish-purple jelly.  Much more girly than Vickie, definitely says "I'm sweet like sugar".  Awesome shade for Spring.  Squishy, glossy finish.  I used 3 coats for the level of coverage you see here and no topcoat needed.  

Leia over Libby keeps that cute pink color and adds a touch of sparkle making it ever sweeter! 1 layer of Leia and 1 layer of topcoat.  

And this is Leia over Libby with matte topcoat.  

Finally we have Princess, the most opaque jelly of the trio.  This is a full on party girl pink!  It's borderline Barbie-ish and I love that about it!  Perfectly squishy formula, so glossy all on it's own.  Two thumbs waaaaaaay up!  3 coats, no topcoat.  

Leia over Princess (haha!  Princes Leia) is pretty much the perfect combo.  Who says a Rebel Princess can't wear pink and still be tough as nails?! 1 layer of Leia, 1 layer of topcoat.  

And of course, Leia over Princess with matte topcoat.  

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