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Beauty Review: Glossier

Oh hai! Guess what?  I have yet another beauty product review for you! Hey you know, sometimes it gets tiring to only do nail polish all the time!  I like skin care and makeup and bath products as much as the next guy and gal.  So I have to tell you that back in the summer I was on the hunt for some serums.  They were all the rage and I wanted in on the fun.  Well after lots of Amazon and Instagram searching I came across Glossier and was really intrigued...the models looked so clean and shiny and happy.  I wanted to be those models (or at least just clean and shiny and happy).  So I took the plunge and and ordered some stuff.  Ok I'm lying.  I bought a lot.  And I've made more purchases, mostly refill products, because I have been so pleased with the brand!  Glossier is dermatologist tested, hypoallergenic, non-irritating, paraben free, alcohol free, and they do NOT test on animals.  Their line ranges from skin care and makeup to body and fragrance.  Alrighty, this is a huge post so lets get started.  Oh and if you want to try Glossier you can save 10% today using the link HERE.  

*nothing to disclose*

Did you see that cute pink bubble package up there?  That's how they package their products.  Adorable!  My first purchase included Bow Brow, Invisible Shield, Milky Jelly Cleanser, The Supers serums, Priming Moisturizer and Balm Dotcom.

I got lots of fun stickers too (these come in every order!).  

I had to crack up at the inside of the box all my products arrived in.  It's true, no one is low maintenance!  

Let's start with The Supers.  This box contains the trio of serums.  

I like that they come in dropper bottles, very easy to use.  I never had any issue with using too much product.  The dropper made my life super simple.  

Super Pure is full of niacin amide and zinc.  These ingredients soothe redness, calm blemishes and help bring out impurities.  Super Pure feels like a thin oil.  Definitely has that oil viscosity but has a bit of water to it.  I use Super Pure at night before bed, on a clean face of course.  I rarely get pimples but using this has made the occasional one even more infrequent.  

Super Glow is a blend of Vitamin C and Magnesium.  We all know the Vitamin C brightness, but the Magnesium helps energize your skin, also creating the look of brighter skin.  It feels more like water that the other Supers, but absorbs just as easily.  I typically use this one in the morning before I put on moisturizer.  

Super Bounce is full of Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin B5.  That means your skin is getting hydrated and has more elasticity for softer, smoother skin.  I use this one at night after I've washed my face before I go to bed.  My face feels very soft and touchable.  It doesn't feel sticky or slimy, just smooth.  It absorbs in immediately.  

Moving on to a really innovative product that makes using SPF so much easier.  Invisible Shield is your anything but typical daily SPF 35.  This stuff is clear and in a water-gel formula.  The microcapsules absorb into the skin nearly instantly with no greasiness or white marks left behind.  It is not waterproof so you will need to reapply often if you are in the water or doing an activity that causes you to sweat profusely.  Other than that I totally dig this sunblock!  And other brands must too because I have noticed a few jumping on the clear sunscreen train. 

Got this cute little reminder sticker to put on my mirror.  

With each product in this review I think, "oh I really love this one, it's my favorite" but really they are all my favorite!  Boy Brow is definitely an awesome product.  I am used to brown liners and brow powders but this is a brow pomade!  It's got a creamy wax formula that thickens, fills in and defines your brows all while holding the hair in place!  But since it's like a pomade it's not stiff.  Boy Brow comes in 4 shades.  

This is the one product I use daily, absolutely never skipping out on.  The Priming Moisturizer is pretty much a dream moisturizer.  It's light but works total magic.  My skin literally drinks the lotion, soaking it in, plumping up after use. I have a perfectly dewy look after I use Priming Moisturizer.  It's so light that if you're in a drier climate you can just put on another layer!   

Gah, another totally great product!   Milky Jelly Cleanser!  If you want a gentle cleanser that dissolves off dirt, grime and makeup then this is your guy!  It's ph-balanced with a gel like formula and skin conditioning agents that help leave your skin feeling soft but never dried out.  You could also use it as an eye makeup remover!  I've gone through 2 containers of this and I use it twice a day - a little goes a long way!

Last but not least is Balm Dotcom.  This is not just a lip balm.  It's an everything balm.  It hydrates and leaves skin and parts feeling soft and supple and lightly scented.  Slather it on any place you feel dry or chapped!  I use it on my kuckles, hands, cuticles and lips!  But you can also use it on your eyelids for a glossy, wet look.  There are 6 "flavors" available and you are going to want them me!  My kids steal these at any chance because once their lips get chapped this is the product that works best to heal them up quickly.  I have rose, coconut and mint - love them all.  Very light but nice fragrances.  But the one here is Milk Bar's Birthday scent.  Smells like cake batter.  Has a dose of holo glitter.  Yup, I love it!  

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