Monday, March 19, 2018

Zoya; Thrive Collection, Spring 2018

Evening dears!  Hope you had a fabulous Monday and the day went by quickly.  My oldest shipped off to Science Camp for the week.  I'm curious if you went to Science Camp because it seems that other states don't really do this, I'm in Northern California.  Anyways, after some tearful goodbyes I'm just ready for Tuesday, actually I'm ready for the weekend!  But I'll plug along until then (not like it'll be any more relaxed than the crazy week schedule).  Tonight I have the Zoya Thrive Collection for you to enjoy.  This is a fabulous 6 piece collection with nice shades that sit somewhere between pastel and bright, just the colors your nails need to lift your spirits from this cold Winter!  The Thrive collection is available now and you can pick them up for $10 each or the complete set for $60.  Let's get to the pictures and check them out.

*press sample*

This is Darby.  It's a dusty, soft blue full of blue shimmer.  Super pretty color, kind of like an overcast rainy day, which are great days in my opinion.  Darby is my favorite in the collection.  Formula was creamy and rich, application was great.  I used 3 coats for full coverage and no topcoat.

Trudith is a muted, wisteria creme.  This is such a perfect creme shade for the Spring.  Formula and application were both great.  Creamy and smooth, opaque in 3 thin coats.  No topcoat.  

Brandi is a blush pink creme, a little bit dusty, a little bit vibrant-ish.  Very much like a pretty garden flower.  Awesome formula, another totally smooth and creamy one.  Applied like a dream in 2 coats.  No topcoat needed.  

Monroe is a deep pink creme.  Another pretty floral shade, but much brighter than Brandi.  It's a nice pick up to get you over those rainy day blues.  Top notch formula and application, no complaints.  2 coats and no topcoat.  

Leisel is a shimmery purple topper with some purple and blue sparkles!  This will work great over any of the other shades in the Thrive collection.  Or if you just want a light wash of sparkle on your nails you can build it up in 3 coats like I did.  It's got a jelly formula and applied easy.  No topcoat.  

Haruko is the final shade in this collection.  Described as a soft metallic violet, it's full of nice purple shimmer.  I like this one as much as I like Darby, they are definitely siblings.  I did think the formula wasn't as nice as the rest of the collection and it applied a bit patchy.  I used 3 coats and no topcoat.  

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