Friday, March 16, 2018

Le Chat; Dare to Wear English Rose Collection, Spring 2018

Afternoon!  I'm rushing around, so typical.  Need to drive over the hill to Aptos to get a race bib for tomorrow.  I swear, my life is ruled by races and soccer.  LOL, I wouldn't change it, I love it!  It's going to be a rainy day race, that's for sure.  All this rain definitely has me in the mood for Spring shades and the new Le Chat English Rose collection totally fills that need.  This collection is 6 creamy pastels that will make fabulous Easter Egg nails and will be nice transition shades into the Summer.  They're also all kinds of perfect if you are tired of bold and dark colors.  You can pick up the lovely English Rose collection over at the Le Chat website now for $6.95 each. Let's jump in and check them out!

*press sample*

Starting this tea party off with French Vanilla.  This is a light beige creme.  Very pretty, very light, very classy.  Defiantly gives off the vibe of french vanilla with it's off white coloring.  great formula and application.  3 coats to level it out nicely and no topcoat needed.

Royal Tea is the perfect shade of milk tea.  It's exactly how I take my tea actually, a cup of cream with a touch of tea.  This is a great neutral with a fabulous formula and finish.  It's my kind of palette cleanser.  2 coats and no topcoat. 

Need to calm down, try some Chamomile!  I mean the nail polish of course!  This is a light marigold creme and it's a beauty.  I think the days of yellow polish being finicky are behind us because this one applied like a dream.  It reminds me of that washed out 70's look that pictures have.  Super cool, super trendy right now.  No problems with formula or application.  3 coats and no topcoat.  

Tea Party is a nice pastel blush orange creme.  I am LOVING this shade!  It slightly reminds me of a 50/50 bar but more pastel.  It's a great shade if you just want a little color on your nails.  Super creamy, super easy to apply.  3 coats no topcoat.  

Ok ok ok, I already said I love the last few but I love this one too!  Cucumber Mint is a soft, creamy cucumber shade of green.  It's light, refreshing, much like a cup of water with cuke slices in it.  It also reminds me of a tasty cucumber and cream cheese tea sandwich.  Mmmm, I'm hungry!  Great formula and application.  3 coats, no topcoat.  

You guys know I don't love purple.  But I could hang with Violet Rose. It's a nice orchid creme, it leans a bit pink so that makes me like it more.  Of course it had a nice creamy formula and was a breeze to apply so that also made me like it.  3 coats and no topcoat used.  

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