Friday, May 11, 2018

Ethereal Lacquer: Oasis Collection

Morning dears!  Happy Friday to you!  Dropping another slightly large post for you today, hope you don't mind.  Since I know you are all members of Facebook polish land and Instagram you were probably aware that Ethereal Lacquer has returned after a fairly long hiatus.  I was fortunate enough to swatch her return collection called Oasis.  Most are still currently available and if you join the Facebook fan group you will get sneak peeks of the pretty shades she has lined up for future releases. All the shades I have in this post are $12, I will mention which are available and which are sold out at the moment. 

*press sample*

Starting off with a gilded silver beauty called Mirage.  This holo has pretty sparks of pink.  It's fairly sheer, and I kind of like that ethereal quality to it, but I also think that since it's sheer it would make a great topper for any base color.  I built it up in 3 coats here, no problems with the formula.  Topcoat to finish.  *Mirage is currently sold out*

A favorite of mine is Oasis.  This is a pretty turquoise holo with some golden-coppery shimmer.   Loving the summery vibe of this polish and I will definitely grab it again as the weather continues to warm up.  I used 3 thin coats and topcoat.  No issues with the formula or application.  

Osiris is a lovely peach polish with a soft scattered holo finish.  I like the subtleness of the holo and the shade is just so juicy, makes me want to bite into a giant peach (or a piece of fresh peach pie).  Formula was a little on the thick side, and it caused the polish to apply a bit uneven.  I did address this with Meagan and she issued me that she was making a few tweaks to the formula to get it just right.  I added a couple drops of thinner and it helped but once the adjustments are made you probably won't have to do that.  I used 3 coats and topcoat.  

Here's Sahara, an absolutely beautiful vibrant red holo polish in a jelly finish.  It's got a nice orange shimmer that plays against the red base to show off a bit of a pink hue.  The formula and shade of this one really won me over as one of my faves.  Great formula, applied perfectly in 3 coats.  I finished with topcoat.  *Sahara is currently sold out*

Khepri is a berry/fuchsia with a touch of scattered holo.  Really nice color, I know that alone will be a huge selling point for the polish loving crowd.  I also totally appreciate the soft holo in it because it's a nice change from the in your face linear holos.  The formula on this one was thick, I again had to use thinner to get it to apply smoothly.  If you look closely you can see the application was a bit uneven on some nails.  As I mentioned before, the formula will be adjusted so it won't cause these problems.

Lotus is a lovely, dusty purple with some holo shimmer and what appears to be iridescent flakes.  I really liked the deeper shade of this purple and how the iridescence and shimmer pop out.  I will note that my swatches seem much darker than those on the Ethereal Instagram account, but I know skin tone and number of coats can play a part in that.  Lotus was another that was thick, probably the most of the ones I noted.  I had to add quite a bit of thinner to get it appliable.  But I want to mention again that Meagan planned to fix the formula so you shouldn't have these problems.  I used 3 coats and topcoat.  *I don't see Lotus on the website so it's sold out or pulled for reformulation* 

And the last polish from the Oasis collection is Scarab.  This one has a formula much like Saraha and Mirage.  It's a thinner jelly formula and it's totally fab.  I really enjoyed the deep green shade, reminds me of the Jungle Green crayon from the big Crayola box.  I've always liked that color.  Scarab was more opaque than the others and I got great coverage in 2 coats.  Finished with topcoat.  *Scarab is currently sold out*

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