Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Morgan Taylor: Royal Temptations, Spring 2018

Evening friends.  It's been a pretty lovely Spring day and before the season its away from us I thought I'd better jump on here to share the beautiful Morgan Taylor Spring Temptations collection.  Inspired by Marie Antoinette and her extravagant life, we've got a 6-piece collection of beautiful cremes, glowy shimmers and a sparkly glitter.  These are available in both polish and the Perfect Match Gel formulas.  The Royal Temptations Collection polishes are $9 each and you can purchase them online.

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Curls and Pearls is a soft off-white creme.  It leans a bit orange on me but I'm cool with that.  It's such a nice, clean shade.  Total palette cleanser.  Formula was nice, built up well and even out perfectly.  Applied great.  I used 3 coats and topcoat.  

Over The Top Pop is a cute glitter topper that can be used over any of the shades in this collection (or any other shades too)!  It's loaded with so many shapes; butterflies, donuts, stars, hearts, lightning bolts and circles.  While it's super pretty, the glitters are really heavy in the base and I had a hard time getting them out of the bottle,  I did lots of fishing and what you see on my nails is the best I could do before I gave up.  This is 1-2 coats over Curls and Pearls.  Topcoat to smooth things over.   

Ruffle Those Feathers is a slightly dusty turquoise creme.  It's gorgeous.  Formula and application were both fabulous  - smooth and creamy.  One of my top choices of the collection.  2 coats for full coverage plus a layer of topcoat for extra shine.  

My Other Wig Is A Tiara is a shimmery denim shade of blue.  It's a pretty color that definitely evokes feelings of lavish and lux things.  I like the color, but the finish is a bit too streaky for my taste.  I used 2 coats for opacity and no topcoat.  

All The Queen's Bling is my favorite of this collection.  Such a beautiful pearly lavender shade.  The shimmer is so heavy it literally glows from within.  Formula and application were both great.  I built it up perfectly in 3 coats.  No topcoat used.  

Last but not least we have All My Heart Desires.  It's a vibrant hot pink and it's fabulous!!  Super creamy and opaque.  Awesome formula, fantastic application.  2 coats for full coverage.  No topcoat used.  

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