Sunday, May 6, 2018

Born Pretty: Silver Holographic Nail Polish

Evening dears!  Hope you had a great weekend.  Mind didn't entail too much excitement.  A break from soccer games, but that meant an upswing in house cleaning.  Thankfully the whole family was involved so it went pretty fast.  I did get lots of swatching done so I'll be bombarding you with posts in the coming weeks (YAY!).  Let's start with a Born Pretty post!  I haven't tried too many polishes from Born Pretty, actually I think this one is my first!  I picked out a fabulous silver holo and I was taken back to the heyday of the ultra linear holos!  Loved it!  There are several shades of the holo polish available and they are great for stamping too!  You can pick up silver or any of the other Born Pretty colors of the Holographic Stamping Polish now for $5.59 HERE.  You can save 10% using my code JTOW10. Let's jump in and check it out.  

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There are 5 colors available from the Holographic Stamping Polish and I chose Silver 01.  I went ahead and fully painted my nails with this because it has some serious wow factor.  But don't forget you can use this as a stamping polish too!  But really, I was totally wow'ed with the holo payoff.  It's like an ultra linear holo, even in low lighting!  Formula and application were both fabulous.  I used 2 coats for full coverage and no topcoat needed.

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