Thursday, May 31, 2018

Stella Chroma June Polish Pick Up Exclusive: For the Paint Schemes & Coconut Citrus Sorbet Emulsified Sugar Scrub

Morning dears!  Today isn't the best day.  I've got 2 kids home from school sick, did I mention we picked up a bug from our weekend vacation?  Le sigh.  Hopefully we will all be feeling much better come Saturday but until then it's toast, apple juice, chicken noodle soup and lounging on the couch.  At least it gives me time to share some posts! I'm down to only a couple PPU shades to share with you and up first is Stella Chroma For the Paint Schemes.  This polish was inspired by the game Grand Theft Auto and how you can customize your car any way you want.  The June PPU was a Video Game themed month so there are so many great polishes and throw backs to games I played as a kid!  For the Paint Schemes will be available from 6/1 - 6/4 for $12 and there is no cap.  Stella Chroma will also have one of her fantastic emulsified sugar scrubs available, Coconut Citrus Sorbet scented and mmmm smells so delicious.  You can get a 2.5oz bottle for $5.50.  You've got the details, so let's jump in and check out the goods!

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Let's start with the polish.  As I mentioned already, this is For the Paint Schemes and it draws direct inspiration from the game Grand Theft Auto and how you can customize your car any way you can imagine.  Pam took that idea and ran with it, creating a super cool multi chrome polish that shifts from a golden green to a vibrant green to a silvery green.  It's got a touch of lovely holo sparkle for added wow effect.  Formula and application were both fantastic, no issues, no problems.  2 coats for full coverage, topcoat to finish.

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And here's the Coconut Citrus Sorbet Sugar Scrub.  I don't know about you, but when the weather gets warmer I love all things coconut scented.  I literally crave them.  Which is odd because I am really picky with what coconut products I will drink (I won't eat them at all).  But something about the scented products just make me think of Summer, beach, tropical vacations.  This scrub is literally the perfect blend of coconut and lime, not too sweet, not too citrusy, just perfect.  As I've mentioned before, the scrub is a fantastic mix of sugar granules and moisturizing oils/butters. It's not too gritty, you can use it everywhere (not your face) and once it's washed off you're left feeling totally smooth and moisturized.  The price is wallet friendly and it's a product that works hard for results, it's a total win win situation!

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