Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Beauty Big Bang: Halloween Theme Stamping Plate SKU BBBXL-019

Evening!  Thought I'd toss up a quickie post while I wait for some chocolate chip cookies to cool off!  Fresh from the oven cookies are seriously the best and with it being Fall now I am going to bake up some pumpkin chocolate chip ones ASAP!  Those are my favorite, they have a delicious, soft pumpkin spice flavor and are so cakey. Mmmmmm.  Ok so talking about pumpkin cookies has me thinking about Halloween. It's seriously the BEST holiday EVER and no one will ever change my mind.  I have some fun and easy (easy is key for me in my current state of humongo pregnant belly).  Tonight's post features this fun little plate, Spider Ghost Pattern Rectangle Nail Stamping Plate SKU BBBXL-019.  You can purchase it with the direct link HERE for $3.59!  And don't forget you can save 10% using my code Obsession.  Let's jump right in so you can get your Halloween plate ordered ASAP! 

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This plate is SO fun and perfect for Halloween!  Spiders, ghosts, eyeballs, pumpkins, basically everything you want for some spooky nails!  This is a large rectangle plate with 7 full nail images and then 15 smaller images.  I can think of a zillion uses for this plate and picked a few images to show you how well they work!

I picked the Trick Or Treat wording and full nail jack-o-lantern images to show off the plate.  I used a plain black and stamped over a pretty Halloween glitter crelly.  The images picked up easily, no problems at all.  They also stamped perfectly.  I finished with a no smudge topcoat and was very pleased with the overall effect.  

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