Friday, September 7, 2018

KBShimmer September Polish Pickup Exclusive: The One Soul

PPU overload past number 2 today!  But it's the last one, I promise.  I just ended up way overwhelmed with life yesterday and never had the chance to share the posts.  Regardless, PPU opened up this morning, and so far I've only seen 1 item sell out.  Luckily for you this awesome thermal from KBShimmer is still going strong and steady and you can get yours NOW!  AS I've mentioned countless times, the September PPU theme is Horror Movies.  You'll be able to purchase until 9/10.  This fabulous KBShimmer is called The One Soul, inspired by Constantine.  It will be $11 and there is no cap.  So let's delve in and see that we've got here!!

*press sample*

Polish Pickup: ShopFacebook

First and foremost, let me assure you that this is a thermal!  I had a bit of a hard time capturing it in my photos because I had a nail break before I swatched and my shorter nails weren't playing nice.  But the thermal change is definitely there, and very obvious.  The One Soul is a beautiful minty blue-green that transitions to a darker blue when cold.  Plus the holo shimmer adds a nice touch! Both shades are beautiful on their own and look fantastic together.  I used 3 thin coats to build up the polish, as I felt the first coat was pretty sheer.  Topcoat to finish.

I got these 2 random pictures while out at a soccer game.  It was a weird day, I was overdressed and overheating in the morning.  So I changed into more summery wear and then froze during the later game.  My hands and nails felt the crazy weather also.  As you can see here I have the traditional warm shade closer to my fingers and the colder shade on my tips.  But the next one is where things gets odd...

How are my hands cold in the opposite direction??  I'm colder closer to my body and warmer at my nail tips?  My hands are crazy!  But you can really see both shades nicely here.  

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