Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Alter Ego September Indie Pickup Exclusive: Saturdays Are for Sven Chicken Ramen Soap

Morning friends!  I am cracking up as I type this post because the product is so ridiculously funny!  I think it also shows how awesome Cynthia, the maker behind Alter Ego is, because she knows not to take things too seriously sometimes.  Now that the PPU has closed we are rolling in to the IPU soon, which is all the non-polish products that makers sell.  It's actually kind of a boutique flea market of sorts with every sort of handmade item you can think of; soap, jewelry, squishies, slime, wax melts, makeup, etc, etc... Again, inspired by the horror movie host on late night TV, Svengoolie, Alter Ego took one of his props and turned it into a soap!  A rubber chicken soap.  That smells like chicken ramen.  Do I need to say anymore?!  You need this in your life, whether it be serious or as a joke, or as the perfect white elephant gift!  You can purchase the rubber chicken soap from 9/21 - 9/24 for $6. There will be a cap, only roughly 30-40 soaps to be had!  Let's check it out!
-no chicken broth or byproducts used to make this soap-

*press sample*

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Ok guys, seriously tho!?  A rubber chicken soap that smells like chicken ramen!  So funny!  Apparently Svengoolie liked to swing a rubber chicken around while he was on tv and that's where this idea came from. This gag soap comes in a "smell proof bag" as seen in the picture above. It truly does keep any smell from seeping out!  But I could definitely smell the chicken ramen scent once the soap was out of the bag and bubble wrap.  While the scent itself wasn't horrible, because I do love chicken ramen, I wasn't too keen on washing with it and smelling like that.  But my 12 year old son (who's favorite food is literally ramen) was eager to test it out.  I am happy to report that he thought the soap was the best thing ever.  The bathroom and his skin did have a ramen scent after use, it lasted about an hour then wore off.  It wasn't strong, but definitely was there.  Would I buy this product again?  As a joke gift, totally.  For my son, yes.  It will totally bring a laugh and a smile to whomever you get it for.  

I wanted to show you that the soap does leave a yellow tint.  It does not stain and washes off right away.  

Still a little yellow, but as I said it washes off and no yellow left behind.  The soap lathers up really well. 

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