Monday, September 10, 2018

Stella Chroma Hella Handmade Creations, September 2018 - Queens of Westeros, Queen Selyse

Evening all!  I'm enjoying a fairly quiet tie out at the soccer fields while the boys both practice.  Actually I have no idea where my older son is because his ended 30 minutes ago but I assume he is helping another team out.  And my daughter is off on the playground making friends with other little siblings that are toted around to all these practices.  Other than that lots of sports, school AND polish stuff going on this week!  IPU opens up, HHC opens up, so many launches I can't keep up!  But I can fill you in on the Stella Chroma polish that will be available during the HHC this week.  As you know by now, Stella Chroma picked Game of Thrones as her fandom theme.  She's run the gamut showcasing all the Queens in the series and we are now at Queen Selyse.  This beautiful, wintery polish will be available from 9/14-9/21 for $12.  Let's jump in to the post and see the polish! 

*press sample*

The theme Stella Chroma went with for Fandoms is Queens of Westeros from the Game of Thrones series.  We've been thought a good handful of them already and now are at Queen Selyse, wife of Stannis Baratheon.  I don't know much else about there because I've only seen the last few seasons of the show.  But I can tell you that Queen Selyse is a stunning, some how vibrant, some how Christmassy green holo.  It's a bit of a jelly formula so you can see that I have some visible nail line.  Formula and application were both great, no problems to report.  I used 2 coats and finished with topcaot.

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