Monday, October 28, 2019

Alter Ego: October 2019 Group Custom - Alterween

Evening friends!  Just popping in with a quick post showing off a faboosh new color from Alter Ego! This is her October Group Custom and it's called Alterween (name play on Alter Ego + Halloween).  Perfect shade for Halloween and it will even be great for some awesome Christmas nail art!  You can pick up Alterween now until the end of the month for $10.  And of course you can save 20% using my code My Nail Polish Obsession.  Let's check it out!

*press sample*

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As I already said, Alterween is a fantastic neon green crelly.  It actually glows yellow in the dark!  Unfortunately I wasn't successful at getting a GITD picture but I think it was user error (because Cynthia has another GITD coming out soon and I had no problems getting that one to glow).  But otherwise the polish had a great formula and applied great in 3 thin coats.  I finished with topcoat.

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  1. I agree, you can draw candy cane and it's the perfect holiday nail art

  2. Ooh true, this would be perfect as a base for Christmas looks!

  3. Ooooo, I love the neon color! Adds a real fun pop and is a cool alternative to the traditional holiday green.

  4. Thank you for your thorough review! Your mani and photos are scintillating!

  5. Oh glow in the dark sounds fun! Great Halloween mani!

  6. This is so deliciously bright! It makes me think of Slimer from Ghostbusters.