Tuesday, October 29, 2019

November 2019 Polish Pickup: Fairy Tales

Hullo hullo there lovelies!  It's almost time for the November Polish & Indie Pickup! So far I have been thrilled with the Fall-month themes and November didn't disappoint.  Fairy Tales is full of stunning shades and cool products and scents that sound amazing! I was lucky to receive a small assortment of them to review and am happy to share my thoughts with you here.  The Fairy Tales November Pickups will be open 11/1 - 11/4.  I did notice some caps while browsing through the products so get your wish-list created and set your alarm for 8am PST on 11/1!  Let's check to the goods. 

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6 Harts Gifts of Kindness is a hazel brown crelly with gold micro flakes and large sifting flakes.  Such an interesting color and it really does make me think of hazel eyes with it's green and brown shades blending together.  It was inspired by the cover of The Shoemaker and the Elves. Fabulous formula and application.  3 coats and topcoat.  

6 Harts Gifts of Kindness, $10, no cap 

Lollipop Posse Chicken Legs & Mortars & Pestels, Oh My! is Fall sparkle in a bottle.  Under artificial light you see a beautiful deep brown/black crelly packed with UCC flakes, iridescent flakes and holo flakes.  When you move to other lighting you can see the color shifts to red, green and gold.   This was inspired by Baba Yaga, a witch from Russian/Slavic folklore. Awesome formula and application.  2 coats and topcoat.  

Lollipop Posse Lacquer Chicken Legs & Mortars & Pestels, Oh My!, $13, no cap  

Oh KBShimmer, it's like you were me as a child, you bring me so much nostalgia with your polishes.  This is The Nothing.  If you don't know what that is we can't be friends.  Ok I'm kidding.  The Nothing is from The Neverending Stooooooryyyyyyyy oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh!  Oops sorry, I lost myself there.  It's a beautiful emerald green polish that shows color shifts to navy blue when you use a magnet.  You'll also see holo glitters and shifty micro flakes.  I used 2 coats for full coverage and no topcoat. 

KBShimmer The Nothing, $10, no cap. 

KBhimmer also has a sugar scrub for the November IPU.  This is The Dark Crystal.  It's a fuchsia scrub with glitters on top and is scented with amber and overall has a rich and earthy scent.  First off, The Dark Crystal is such a good movie, go watch it.  Secondly, I had to smell this all night long before I realized what it reminded me of...Grateful Dead concerts.  It has that hippy, patchouli, nag champa, weed, dust scent about it.  It was a total trip for me to smell that again and brought back happy memories.  Anywho, the scrub is awesome and I enjoyed the scent.  As always, my skin felt very clean and soft after use.  

KBShimmer The Dark Crystal Sugar Scrub, $10, no cap

Alter Ego Make A Banshee Blush is a fun polish!  It's a soft silver full of sparkle that glows in the dark to a pretty pink!  How cool is that?!  This is a great silver but that pink glow takes this polish up several notches in coolness!  This one is inspire by the legends of banshees in Ireland.  Formula was a little sheer, after 3 coats you can still just make out my nail line.  No topcoat used.  

Alter Ego, Make A Banshee Blush, $9.50, no cap

Stella Chroma Fountain of Fair Fortune is a sheer blue polish loaded with multi chrome shimmer and iridescent flakes.  This polish is amazing!  It's like magic on your nails! I really like the sheer, ethereal look to it.  FoFF was inspired by the story of the same name in The Tales of Beetle the Bard by JK Rowling. Obviously you won't get full coverage here, but if you start with a base coat you can layer a coat or 2 on top to create different looks.  I used 3 thin coats and topcoat.  

Stella Chroma Fountain of Fair Fortune, $12, no cap

Stella Chroma also has her famous Emulsified Sugar Scrub up for sale.  November brings us Oatmeal, Milk & Honey sent.  It's probably one of the lightest, most subtle scents Pam has made.  But it's so homey and comforting and I always tend to love this scent in body products.  You can get a 2.5 ounce jar for $6.  

Stella Chroma Oatmeal, Milk & Honey Emulsified Sugar Scrub, $6, no cap

Last but not least is Dreamland Lacquer What An Awkward Situation.  Inspired by the cartoon version of Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty.  Guys, Noelie has been slaying it with extra beautiful polish these past few PPUs! This one is amazing with it's deep purple base that shifts through shades of green, aqua and blue.  The multichrome shimmer also has a touch of deep  pink.  Formula was great and it applied totally opaque in 2 coats.  I finished with topcoat.  

Dreamland Lacquer What An Awkward Situation, $12, 270 bottle cap

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  4. 6 Harts Gifts of Kindness is gorgeous!

  5. Fountain of Fair Fortune is so pretty and shifty!

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