Thursday, October 24, 2019

Fit Snack Box; September 2019

Good evening!  While I sit here watching Halloween Wars on the Food Network, I decided it's a perfect time to share the September Fit Snack box.  Also some great snack options instead of going for a cupcake or a cookie!  The September Fit Snack box isn't available any longer but these snacks can be found in your local grocery or nutrition store.  I recently saw a good selection of Hippeas at Safeway! I'll have the October box up soon if you are wanting to shop the current box.  And of course save 30% off your first box using my coder HERE.

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True California California Livermore Red Walnuts were a fun snack to receive.  Fun because Livermore is really close to me,  my aunt and uncle actually live there!  Walnuts are such a tasty and healthy snack.  I actually didn't realized there were varieties of walnuts.  So these were nutty (of course) but very mild in flavor.  And like the label states, they are very creamy.  I think they'd be great for an on the go snack or an addition to a salad!  True California also has pistachios and almonds farmed from locations in California.

That's It Mini Fruit Bars are so cute!  They really are mini but they are really tasty!  They do have regular sized bars too but these mini ones are great for kids (lunch boxes!). They'd also be a great, healthy option to hand out for Halloween. I received Apples + Dates and the bar was so tasty! It was a like one of those natural fruit bars.  Definitely a great treat to keep around when you have a sweet craving!     

JanaBanana is a dark chocolate covered banana snack.  The inside is like a soft banana gummy covered in chocolate.  It tasted fine, but I think the overall texture is what threw me off.  I just coudn't get used to it.  These are made with sun ripened bananas and are paleo, gluten free and vegan.  Head over to the site to learn more and see the other flavor selections.  

I received Gorilly Goods last month.  This month I got a different flavor, Coast.  Coast is sweet curry cashew flavor.  I think I preferred Hillside from last month.  I'm weird about Curry, I like it but I don't.  Always, the curry flavor wasn't overpowering.  There are 6 flavors to chose from on the website.  

I was super happy to receive another MCT Bar since I liked the last one so much.  These have an interesting texture, almost melts in your mouth but somehow crumbly.  And a light flavor.  I got Caramel Sea Salt this time.  While I think I prefer the chocolate bar I had last time this one was pretty good too.  You get 10grams of collagen in the one bar! They're currently running a special where you can get 4 bars (2 flavors) and only pay shipping. 

Plant Fusion Complete Protein in Creamy Vanilla Bean is a protein shake mix in a single serving packet.  This one has 21 grams of protein per serving.  But I have to be honest that I didn't try this one.  I usually don't love the plant based protein shakes included in these boxes.  Plus I have a go-to shake mix that suits me just fine and I'm not really looking to change it.  

Angry Mills Protein Infused Almond Spread is a chocolatey treat! I *think* this is by SinFit.  It's a delicious almond spread with a chocolate taste.  The texture is totally that of an almond spread, not as creamy as peanut butter.  These come in caffeinated and non-caffeinated flavors.  SinFit also has loads of protein powders, bars and other food products.   

MOAR Hippeas!  I think these are a staple to the Fit Snack box!  I'm almost certain I have received all the flavors by now.  I got Nacho Vibes this time.  I was definitely tasting the cheese and because it's nacho there was a little spice kick.  As always, the chickpea puffs are crunchy and light and tasty.  

And last but not least is Supernola Triple Berry Vanilla fruit and nut bites. Looking at them you'd expect a granola type texture but no, these are flavorful and chewy.  These are gluten free, dairy free and paleo.  Supernola is made by Evolve Snacking, the company that also makes Gorilly Goods.  

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  1. I love That's It bars! They are one of my former social media clients!

  2. I love Hippeas allll the time. I didn't know there were varieties of walnuts either!

  3. The banana chocolate intrigued me. I see Hippeas at Starbucks

  4. Hippeas sound so amazing! I love those kind of snacks.

  5. Ooohhh, I love That's It bars, I buy those all the time as my on the go snack!

  6. The thats it bar looks good! I've been looking the peanut date bar Trader Joes has that looks similar for breakfast!

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