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October 2019 Polish Pickup: Urban Legends

Good morning, happy Wednesday.  I have a kid away at Science Camp and I'm already missing him.  Funny how my kids make me so crazy but once they are away from me for a hot minute I'm like boo hoo, sad mama bear!  He comes back on Friday afternoon so I will treat him to a lunch out before we pick up all his siblings.  You know what else happens on Friday?  Polish Pickup!  The October theme is Urban Legends and it's pretty fun.  I didn't realize there were so many urban legends floating around!  Urban Legends Polish Pickup is open 10/4 - 10/7, set your alarm so you can snag the ones with a cap!  Let's check out the lovely ones I have to share with you today. 

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Let's start this party off with KBShimmer.  Hidden Agenda is a beauty of many faces - a beautiful slate blue that changes to a pale pink with heat.  But it also glows in the dark!  *I didn't realize this when I did my swatches so I have no gitd pics* Inspired by Area 51 and all it's mysteries.  I loved the matte finish so I left it as is.  3 thin coats gave me full coverage.

KBShimmer - Hidden Agenda, $10, no cap 

KBShimmer also has an amazing Pumpkin Patch Sugar Scrub.  Smells amazing!  All those warm, cozy, pumpkin scents that you want to smell during the Fall.  And the scrub works fantastically!   I find it especially helpful to get all the shimmers and glitters stuck to my skin after removing polish.  

KBShimmer: Pumpkin Patch Sugar Scrub, $10, no cap

Dreamland Lacquer Bats Full of Shame was inspired by the TV show What We Do In The Shadows and the vampire Nadja.  She informed us that all bats are vampires who threw lame parties and then never turned back in to human form because they are full of shame...Bats Full of Shame. This raise the dead gorgeous polish is a smokey grey jelly base full of gold and red iridescent flakes.  This is perfect for Fall, Halloween, vampires or when you just plain want to feel vampy!  I used 2 coats for opacity and topcoat to finish.  

Dreamland Lacquer: Bats Full of Shame, $12, no cap

Exciting stuff here!  ellagee has made a return with her contribution to the Urban Legends PPU!  This is Ghost Tracks, a grey polish full of holo sparkles and iridescent flakes, shimmer and micro glitters.  Inspired by the story of the ghost children that push your car across the train tracks. Awesome formula and application.  2 coats and topcoat.  

ellagee: Ghost Tracks, $12, no cap 

Lollipop Posse Lacquer drew inspiration from the haunted Victorian Oddities homes in Cape May, New Jersey.  I will have to look this one up because I have never heard of it and I do love my urban legends and ghost stories.  This turquoise crelly has gold flakes and gold/green shifting aurora shimmer.  Stunning!  It is a bit sheer, even after 3 coats, but vnl with a crelly (or jelly) doesn't bother me.  

Lollipop Posse Lacquer: Victorian Oddities, $13, no cap

Bozho Lake Mendota Serpent by Alter Ego was inspired by a so-called serpent in Lake Mendota.  This serpent was spotted as early as 1860 and was said to be a blackish green with silvery scales.  While this is an obscure urban legend, I think Cynthia nailed it! Bozho is a fabulous blackened green with holo.  It's probably the darkest green I've put on and I adore it!  2 coats for full opacity and no topcoat - this baby was uber shiny all on it's own. 

Alter Ego: Bozho Lake Mendota Serpent, $9, no cap

Have you ever heard the urban legend that twinkies last forever?  Yeah we've all heard it!  Well that's what inspired Stella Chroma to create Forever Twinkie.  Forever Twinkie is a yellow crelly with gold shimmer, flakes and holo glitter.  So pretty and much classier than a twinkie.  I used 3 coats and topcoat for an extra glossy look.  

Stella Chroma: Forever Twinkie, $12, no cap

Stella Chroma also has an emulsified sugar scrub for us.  The scent is Bonfire Bliss, a campfire/wood/heliotrope/marshmallow scent that really captures the essence of telling stores around a campfire.  You know I always love these scrubs, they leave my hands so soft and moisturized.  

Stella Chroma: Bonfire Bliss, $6, no cap

The last polish I have to share with you is 6 Harts Riverdale Road Signs.  First I have to mention that I broke a nail the day this one showed up so my nail length is much shorter for these swatches than the others in this post.  This urban legends is about bloody spots on Riverdale road signs.  I'll have to look this one up also.  It's a silver chrome with red flakies.  Totally looks like a reflective road sign with spots of blood.  I built this up in 3 thin coats and finished with topcoat.  

6 Harts: Riverdale Road Signs, $10, 80 bottle cap

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