Sunday, December 23, 2012

Chancer + Ruby Red Ruby

I recently received butter London Chancer as an early Christmas gift from one of my best friends.  Thanks Shanelle!!  The funny thing about that is I gave her Essie Lady Like, so we cracked up that they were nearly the same color!  Great minds, right?  So I wanted to do a fun and festive mani with Chancer and chose Lynnderella Ruby Red Ruby to wear on my accent nail!  Hello perfect combination!!

I started with 2 coats of Chancer - a beautiful bright red with so much glitter half of my pictured didn't turn out because my camera couldn't focus on any one point.  The first coat went on sparsely - I think all the glitter made it kind of hard to spread on the nail.  But the second coat really made everything look amazing!  So 2 coats of Chancer for gorgeous red perfection.  

Then I brought out one of the first Lynns I ever bought - Ruby Red Ruby.  I bought this back in the day when you emailed Lynn directly though her blog email address to place an order.  Ah, I remember the days!  RRR is a drop dead gorgeous true red glitter bomb.  Loads of glitter!  Tons came out with each brush dip and there were zero application problems.  I love how RRR really gave depth to Chancer.  I then topped off everything with a thick layer of topcoat.

It was a rainy day so some of these pictures are with my camera, some are with my phone.  

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