Friday, December 21, 2012

Smooth Sailing + Bunny Slope

Here's a purty combo for you…and I've been waiting ages to try out Bunny Slope!  I don't know why I do that!  I need to try to use my new polishes in a much faster manner so I can love them more.

Anywho, I started with Essie Smooth Sailing.  Smooth Sailing is a gorgeous cornflower blue with pink and teal shimmer.  Great formula!  I used 2 coats.

I then used CrowsToes Bunny Slope.  Bunny Slope is a mega matte white glitter bomb with silver holo hexs.  It went on quite thickly, but it wasn't difficult to manage.  The bonus to it being so thick and loaded with glitter is that I only needed 1 coat for full glitter coverage!  I smoothed things out with 1 layer of Gelous and then a layer of topcoat.

I used a different camera for these pictures, my Nikon SLR (I usually use my little digital Cannon).  How do you think they came out?

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